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Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Unique Mother's Day Gifts

You’re planning to honor Mom this Mother’s Day, but the traditional gifts — flowers and chocolates — just don’t cut it. After all, flowers don’t last and Mom complains that she doesn’t need to eat more sweets. The solution? Choose unique Mother’s Day gifts with an automotive theme in mind. Yes, give a gift that not only lasts, but also help her out when she is in the car.

Rear Backup Camera

Rear backup cameras are commonly available in new cars and by May 2018 every new vehicle sold in America must be fitted with rear visibility technology. For owners of older cars, especially those outfitted with an in-dash display screen, converting one into a backup camera is as easy as ordering an aftermarket kit.

Such kits contain the appropriate instructions, including a camera module for the screen, the required wiring and connectors. Give your mother a camera system along with your personal time to install it. For more complicated systems, hire an installer to get the job done.

Satellite Radio Tuner

Almost everyone who listens to commercial-free satellite radio is instantly hooked, enjoying the near-universal range and unmatched clarity. Nearly all new cars offer satellite radio, but your mother’s aged and beloved ride may only include AM/FM radio and a CD-drive.

A Ferrari receives the ultimate in car care -- purposeful detailing.Just like a rear backup camera, any radio system can be upgraded to incorporate a satellite radio tuner. But why stop there? Search for one that makes Bluetooth connectivity possible and includes both USB and auxiliary input ports. Some systems add Pandora and are Apple iPhone compatible. Pay for the installation and don’t forget to cover Mom’s monthly subscription service!

Cargo Organization

Your Mom’s car has cup holders and an assortment of storage spaces. What it may lack is cargo organization — as in nets or a cargo catcher. A net holds everything in place while she drives, ideal for preventing shifting. She’ll love this gift, especially if she is a frequent shopper.

A cargo catcher is another option, designed to provide compartments for holding things in place. Groceries, beach items, sporting gear and whatever else you don’t want moving around your trunk are held securely in place. Choose one that can easily be removed when not needed.

For families with small children, you simply can’t have enough storage space. The trouble is, youngsters can’t reach some toys that are hidden away. That’s where a back seat organizer comes in handy, offering multiple compartments for holding their toys, a drink bottle and even their snacks. Fasten it to the back of one of the front seats and children can reach what they want without worrying they’ll release their safety belts.

Get It Detailed

Anyone can wash and wax a car. You or your mother can handle the work, but neither one of you does it as well as the professional detailers. The professionals invest in special tools to get the job done and leave it spotless.

If you want to give mom’s car a like-new look, then search for a detail service to get the job done. For the exterior, the service should include headlight, tail light and trim care as well as paint care, wheels and an undercarriage cleaning. For the interior, the carpet and seats as well as all surfaces should be made to look new. Consider engine bay cleaning too.

No matter what you decide to get Mom this year she’s going to be excited, but helping her out with her car may can be a unique twist!

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