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What Is a Foam Cannon?

A white car being washed with a foam cannon.

What is a foam cannon? Its cheery name may sound like a fun toy, but it’s actually a useful tool that can help you wash your car more quickly and efficiently.

Let’s see what this useful device has to offer.

What Is a Foam Cannon Used For?

When you’re washing your car at home, soap plays a big role in helping you get rid of grime. A heavy layer applied over every inch of the car’s exterior will help to ensure that you get the maximum amount of cleaning power for your covered in foam

Getting this type of coverage can normally be tedious and labor-intensive, but that’s where a foam cannon comes in.

A foam cannon is a tool that sends jets of soap to your car’s exterior. Using this tool is quicker and less laborious than applying the soap with a sponge.

How Does a Foam Cannon Work?

A foam cannon is designed to be used with a pressure washer. It mixes soap, water and air under high pressure to generate a rich, sudsy mixture. Once this mixture is created, the foam cannon throws a thick stream of liquid that attacks and dislodges stubborn buildup.

Once the foam cannon has applied soap to the vehicle, it’s best to let the mixture sit on the car for a couple of minutes. This gives it a chance to soak in and loosen dirt and grime. After that, use a car mitt to gently scrub away any dirt that remains.

Foam Cannon vs. Foam Gun

A foam cannon and a foam gun work in similar ways. However, a foam cannon is meant to be used with a pressure washer, while a foam gun is used with a standard garden hose.

Is a Foam Cannon Right for You?

To determine whether a foam cannon is right for you, it’s important to get a sense of the benefits it provides.

Usually, your only option for removing heavy dirt buildup on your car is through firm agitation. This can be effective, but it typically involves a fair amount of scrubbing, which can be physically taxing. Also, with heavy scrubbing, there’s a risk that you’ll damage the car’s paint.

A foam cannon, on the other hand, uses pressure and foam to loosen dirt. This minimizes the need for scrubbing, which means less physical work for you. And since you’re scrubbing the car less than you otherwise would, there’s less risk of paint damage.

If you like the idea of washing your car with minimal scrubbing and less risk of creating swirls on the paint, you’ll likely regard a foam cannon as essential equipment.

How to Choose a Foam Cannon

Consider the range of adjustments offered when you’re choosing a foam cannon. For example, some models offer adjustments that allow you to regulate the spray pattern, which can be useful for cleaning your car quickly and thoroughly.

Foam Cannon Accessories

To support your foam cannon, you’ll need a car wash soap that’s safe for clear coats. You’ll also need a car wash mitt for gently removing the suds and dirt once the soap has been applied. Look for one with soft microfiber.

A foam cannon can make your next car wash easier and more enjoyable, helping you keep your car looking its best.

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