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What Is Gas-Line Antifreeze And Why Do You Need It?

gas-line antifreeze

2-2aIn extreme climates, even the smallest amount of water in the fuel lines can cause serious problems. Over time, condensation in the fuel system leads to water formation in the tank. Water will settle to the bottom of the fuel, rusting the tank, the lines and cause poor running conditions. The best way to rid your fuel of water is with gas-line antifreeze. Yes, that is a real thing. Getting the water out of the fuel system is critical, especially when the mercury drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

HEET® brand gas-line antifreeze absorbs water and carries it harmlessly through the system. When water is trapped in the fuel lines and injectors, and the temperature plummets, it can freeze. This causes mechanical damage (cracked lines and injectors), and will impede fuel flow to the engine, so the vehicle won’t start. The antifreeze component of HEET® will lower the freezing point of the water, so that it does not freeze, keeping the fuel flowing for easier cold-weather starts.

One bottle of HEET® will protect up to 20-gallons of fuel. There is a caveat that you must be aware of – regular HEET® in the yellow bottle is for gasoline 4-stroke engines only, it could damage 2-stroke or diesel engines. For Diesel engines, use ISO-HEET® (red bottle), or HEET® Diesel. ISO-HEET® is formulated for all engine and fuel types, with the additional benefit of an injector cleaner for year-round protection.

Using HEET® is quite simple – open the bottle, pour it into your full fuel tank. Immediately wipe up any spills and wash your hands. It is that simple to get water removal and antifreeze protection for your vehicle’s fuel system.

Literally as simple and pouring it into the gas tank. This will remove water, keeping your car on the road.
Literally as simple and pouring it into the gas tank. This will remove water, keeping your car on the road.

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