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Which STA-BIL Fuel Additive Is Right For You?

Which STA-BIL Fuel Additive Is Right For You?

Ever wonder the difference between the three STA-BIL® fuel additives? STA-BIL® makes three fuel treatments for three individual purposes. Since 1958, STA-BIL® has been the leader in fuel stabilizers and treatments advancing its formulas as the years have passed to adapt to new age ethanol-blended fuels. Allow us to walk you through the three different “flavors” of STA-BIL® and how they are best used.


First, let’s talk about STA-BIL® Storage America’s #1 Fuel Stabilizer. This is the fuel additive that started it all. When STA-BIL® comes to mind this is the first thing most people think about. This additive is designed to work in both ethanol and non-ethanol blended fuels with one main purpose: keeping fuel fresh. This keeps fuel fresh for up to 2 years eliminating any buildup of gum and varnish. Great for collector cars, bulk fuel storage, and for outdoor power equipment, you may not know the next time you will be needing it. Gas goes bad in as little as 30 days, so the best practice is to add this to your tank or gas can when you are at the pump. Treat rate is one ounce per two and a half gallons of gasoline.

Next, let’s dive into STA-BIL® 360° Protection America’s #1 Ethanol Treatment. This is known as our ethanol protection additive. What is great about this formula is that it is designed to be used year-round at every fill-up. This provides your fuel system with a complete fuel system cleaner, a corrosion inhibitor, a water remover, and also acts as a fuel stabilizer for up to a year. To keep the fuel system functioning properly, this should be the go-to additive for anyone with lawn equipment, performance or collector cars, and any other small engine equipment. Treat rate is one ounce per five gallons of gasoline.

Finally, STA-BIL® 360° Marine. As the name implies, its main use is for marine engines. This additive package is specifically designed with wet and humid environments in mind. Marine engines are exposed to some of the harshest elements, so the formula was created to cater to these types of situations. You will get a year of fuel stabilization combined with industry-leading corrosion control, extra water removers, and a complete fuel system cleaner. Keep your boat moving on down the water with no hiccups when it comes to the fuel system. Treat rate is one ounce per ten gallons of gasoline.

With any of these fuel additives it is best to add it to your gas as soon as possible. The gas begins degrading as soon as it leaves the refinery and can go bad within 30 days. If adding a STA-BIL® product to small engine equipment, it is best to add directly to your gas can. That way any equipment you fill with that can is all treated with STA-BIL®. STA-BIL® is headquartered in Chicago and our products are proudly made right here in the USA. To find out more about STA-BIL® follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for product info, videos, and more.


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