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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The DIY Dad

10 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The DIY Dad

“I have too many tools” said no Dad ever. While dear old Dad may cringe at the sight of a new necktie, a new tool will always bring a smile. Most gearheads got their start borrowing their Dad’s tools to work on their childhood projects. Tools don’t just help fix broken things, they help connect generations. That’s why tools make such a great Father’s Day gift idea. We’ve put together a list of 10 tools and garage accessories that we think any Father would be happy to unwrap.

Screwdriver Set with Storage RackBK7741000 26-piece screwdriver set

Screwdrivers have a way of disappearing over time. They are also one of the most used tools in Dad’s arsenal. From tightening hose clamps to changing batteries in toys, a good set of screwdrivers is always welcome. This screwdriver set includes five different drive types: (7) Phillips, (8) Slotted, (3) Poz, (5) Star, and (3) Square. The included storage rack helps Dad keep organized and makes it is easy to know when a tool is missing.

Heavy Duty Tool Tote

A good tool bag has many uses. Whether it is used for an emergency road trip toolbox, power tool storage, or a junkyard warrior portable tool chest, Dad is sure to put this heavy duty tool tote to good use. It features a solid metal transverse rod for strength so it won’t buckle when loaded down with cargo. The hard plastic bottom and exterior help keep its shape without losing the flexibility of a soft tote. Access is easy with the flip-top and interior storage pouches help keep things organized.

20-volt Cordless Drill

A good cordless drill is a must-have for a proper tool collection. Advances in battery technology have made cordless drills amazing powerhouses that can tackle even the toughest jobs without the hassle of dragging out an extension cord. This stout 20-volt lithium-ion cordless drill kit includes everything Dad needs to get the job done: drill, battery, battery charger, and carrying bag. And since it is part of the DeWalt family, it is compatible with an amazing array of additional tools and accessories.

Multi-Piece Socket Set

A socket set is a must for any DIYer. There are seemingly endless options for sockets, and having multiples of the same size is hardly ever a bad thing. It is great to have one set dedicated to the garage toolbox and another set for tossing in the trunk or tool bag. Of course having the right size ratchet drive makes a difference, which is why we picked these 1/4″ drive, 3/8″ drive, and 1/2″ drive socket sets for our list. The 1/4″ drive set is great for tight spaces and light duty jobs. The 3/8″ drive set is a great all-around size that can handle almost any job. When thing get tough there is no replacement for the strength of a 1/2″ drive set. The molded carrying case makes it easy to spot when that 10mm socket has gone missing…again.

Portable Air Compressor Kit

There’s no substitute for a portable air compressor. Not every job calls for the power of a shop size compressor, but there are also some jobs that are too big for a 12v mini compressor. That’s where having a portable compressor with a tank shines. Dad can air up the family bicycle fleet in no time before grabbing his nail gun to finish the deck. This compressor is rated at 2.6 SCFM @ 90 psi with a six gallon tank for plenty of capacity and fast recovery. The compact stacked design with easy carry handle make storage and transport a breeze. As a bonus it also includes an accessory kit with such necessities as an air hose, air blower, inflator, and even a pressure gauge.

Quick-Lift Aluminum Floor Jack

A good floor jack is a must for the well stocked garage. You don’t have to be training for a NASCAR pit crew to appreciate the time saved using a quick-lift jack. This aluminum and steel jack has a low-profile design to make it easier for Dad to get under his slammed hot rod. The jack handle has a foam cushion to help prevent paint damage during wrenching sessions. Dual rear swiveling casters make positioning the jack a snap. Don’t forget a good set of jack stands to go with it.

Ratcheting Wrench Sets

The right specialty wrench can save serious time when working on a project. These polished chrome 14-piece Gearwrench sets feature a standard open end on one side and a ratcheting box end on the other side. The ratcheting mechanism only needs as little as 5-degrees of movement to move a fastener. The flex-head wrench set feature a flexible box ends that tilt up to 180-degrees to get into hard to reach places. The reversible head wrench set features a compact reversing lever to allow changing direction without having to remove the wrench from the fastener.

Bluetooth SpeakerBK_FD19CAN Bluetooth Tin Can Speaker

There’s something about wrenching in the garage that needs tunes. While that old 1970s 8-track on the shelf may still technically work, it is woefully behind today’s technology. This water-resistant bluetooth speaker not only looks cool, it is also packed with features. It has a long-life rechargeable battery so it can go anywhere Dad does. It also works as a speaker phone so Dad doesn’t have to worry about getting his phone dirty to answer a call.

Creeper Seat Detailing Rig

Help save Dad’s back with this rolling creeper seat made just for car washing and detailing. The 3″ tall casters make it easy to roll around while the seat cushion doubles as a knee pad. An integrated wash bucket means no more forgetting the soapy water on the other side of the car again. Detailing supplies fit easily in the bottle rack and storage tray, plus an all important cup holder for Dad’s favorite beverage.

LED Interior Light Kit

Jazz up Dad’s ride with a color changing interior light show! This LED interior light kit includes four 12″ long LED light strips, a Bluetooth smart hub , two 48″ long extension cables, two 100″ extension cables, and a 12-volt power adapter. The Bluetooth smart hub syncs to Dad’s phone via the Type S LED App for total lighting control. Choose from 49 solid colors and 8 lighting effect modes like strobe, music mode and more. Settings include brightness and effect mode speed as well as 10 memory presets to save Dad’s favorite settings.

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