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10 Useful Teen Driver Gifts

teen driver

ou have a new driver in the house, a teenager, and you’re immensely proud of his or her achievement. Hours studying and behind the wheel have paid off and you now have one fewer person to chauffeur to school, sporting events and activities.Never leave your teen stranded with a flat tire.Y

Now that your teen is driving, here are 10 teen driver gifts to consider for any occasion.

1. Give me wheels, please!

Even if you aren’t in the position to purchase a new vehicle, you can contribute some money to the car-buying cause, and help your son or daughter achieve independence. Consider underwriting the insurance cost for the first six months as an incentive for saving enough money to buy a car.

2. Let there be light with an LED flashlight.

No driver should be without a flashlight, but not just any will do. Choose a LED flashlight, one that can recharge in a car’s cigarette lighter or other 12-volt outlet. Never worry about dead batteries again!

3. Emergency kit for when you’re not there.

Breakdowns happen and when they do, an emergency kit can help your teen get back on the road in no time. That kit should include flares, jumper cables or a jump box, tools, work gloves, batteries, duct tape and an extra flashlight.

4. Aid and comfort: roadside assistance membership.

Your teen won’t be able to handle every repair along and this is when roadside assistance comes in. Consider gifting your child an annual membership. Use it once and it’ll more than pay for itself — besides giving you much peace of mind.

5. A kit for winter drivers.

Go beyond the typical emergency kit and provide one for the winter weather. An ice scraper, wiper blades, a blanket, gloves, a shovel and sand or kitty litter are must have items for teens living in the Snowbelt.

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6. Spare me a tire.

Chances are the one tire needing replacement is the spare. If you can’t afford to spring for a set or even a pair, then gift your teen with a spare. A tire repair kit is a great companion gift too.

7. Car maintenance debit card when cash is in short supply.

Teens are often short on cash and may need money when you’re not around, especially for handling an emergency. Here, you can supply a prepaid debit card charged for the amount you determine and your instructions to use it only for emergencies.

8. Keep the conversation going.

Cell phone batteries can die quickly and are necessary to check that your child made it to their destination. Why not supply your teen with a backup battery or a portable charger to keep all devices juiced?

9. Life’s little emergencies: first aid kit.

Preparing for the unthinkable is always wise and supplying a first-aid kit for your teen to place in the car is a thoughtful gift. Fill the kit with antiseptic wipes, bandages and antibiotic ointment packets, advises the American Red Cross.

10. Do-it-yourself repair manual.

If your teen is quickly becoming a weekend mechanic they need a handy little instruction book such as a Haynes manual to get the job done.

A child taking to the road unprepared is every parent’s greatest worry, but carefully considered gifts can alleviate those concerns.

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