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4 Spare Parts You Should Buy Before You Need Them

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Vehicle problems never happen when it is convenient. If you are in a hurry, you can bet that is when something will go wrong. But being prepared can make an annoying problem a mere speed bump in your day. We’ve put together a list of four spare parts you should buy before you need them.

Serpentine Belt

Modern serpentine belt systems are amazing at doing their job. A single belt can power many engine accessories at once in a compact space. While this consolidation has been great for service and engine packaging, it is a problem when that single belt decides to retire. Having the exact replacement belt already on hand means only needing to take time to install it.

Windshield Wiper

Nobody ever thinks of their windshield wipers until they are barely pushing water off the glass and falling apart. Windshield wipers are extremely easy to replace, usually in just a few minutes. Pick up a pair of new wipers and tuck them away in your vehicle. When that big rain storm hits and your old wipers fail, you’ll be glad you have a spare set. Just remember to buy the correct length for your vehicle, and that sometimes the driver and passenger side wipers are different lengths.

Brake Light Bulbs

A blown brake light bulb is a serious safety issue. Your vehicle may have a handy brake light warning system that alerts you when a bulb goes out. If not, there is a simple method to check your brake lights by yourself but you will need a ground level window located in front of a parking spot. Simply back into the parking spot while watching your rearview mirror. You should have a perfect view of your tail lights and know instantly if a spare bulb is needed. Consult your owner’s manual to find out exactly how to replace your brake light bulb.

Headlight Bulbsspare headlight bulb pack

It may seem like headlight bulbs only blow at night, but that’s because you only need them at that time. A blown headlight bulb is usually easy to diagnose, you simply won’t be able to see well in the dark. You may also have fogged headlight lenses, but that is another article. Buy a pair of headlight bulbs now and you won’t have to worry about reduced night vision.

Our chosen spare parts you should buy before you need them are all fairly compact and can be easily stowed in your vehicle if you are creative. The glove box and center console are obvious storage spots, as well as a corner of the trunk. Some vehicles have a spare tire well that is great for stashing spare parts or supplies. The idea is to keep your spare parts safely tucked out of the way until the day you need them.

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