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5 Creative Trailer Tool Storage Tricks

5 Creative Trailer Tool Storage Tricks

A trailer is a great way to move equipment, but it must be kept organized to keep your tools safe and secure. Straps and bungee cords are useful for holding large equipment in place, but when it comes to tools and other small items, storage compartments offer the best solution. Your options for trailer tool storage include shelving, racks, cubbies, tubes, clips, tool holders and storage boxes. The right method for you depends on your needs.Cargo trailer

5 Trailer Tool Storage Methods

Assuming you have a fully boxed trailer, there are many ways to improve its storage capabilities. Most of these ideas are simple and involve tools you probably already have.

1. Build shelves. If you already have walls in place, you can build shelves and anchor them to the floor, wall and crossbeams. Then, fill each section with plastic totes or open cubbies to store tools, plumbing parts and electrical wiring. Label the front and top of each tote accordingly. Fasten screw eyes to each post and then run straps through the eyelets to hold the totes in place. This is an inexpensive way to build shelving with wood procured from two-by-four scraps.

2. Attach a pegboard. Another way to secure tools is by installing a pegboard to one of the trailer’s inside walls. With the pegboard in place, attach double-ring tool holders to secure screwdrivers. Other tools can also be pegged, provided the right supporting clips are in place to hold them securely.

3. Run cords. Using screw eyes again, run a cord near the top of the trailer from wall to wall. If you’re a painter, this is a great way to hold brushes. Simply run the cord through each brush eyelet, loop the cord through the screw eyes and secure them.

4. Install a PVC pipe. For long items such as drip edges, piping or fishing rods, install a PVC pipe measuring 10 feet long with a 4-inch opening. Find an unused area on an inner wall of the trailer — above the shelves, perhaps — and place it there. Secure four J-hooks to the side of the trailer to hold the pipe. Then, fasten the end caps to ensure nothing falls out while you’re on the go.

5. Store it on the tongue. There are also a few options for outside storage, including brackets to hold ladders on the side of the trailer. Another option is a heavy-duty storage box that fastens to the trailer tongue. This option is useful for open trailers without walls. Sitting on top of a rocker panel and fastened in place, a trailer tongue storage box can hold tools or recreational gear. A steel hasp latch shuts the box, and a thick padlock secures it.

Safe and Secure

Organize your trailer by placing frequently used items in easy-to-access places. Consider what you use regularly and less frequently, then set up your space accordingly to save time. Ensure that everything is stored securely before heading down the road.

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