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5 Unique Tractor Upgrades That Stand Out

Red customized tractor

When talking tractors, owners usually discuss manufacturers and hauling capacities, rarely delving into the topics of customization and accessories. But whether you’re farming, towing or mowing, there’s nothing cooler than having a tricked-out tractor.


While it may seem a bit far-fetched, you’ll be surprised how many things you can do to make your tractor more comfortable and set it apart from the crowd. Here are some tractor upgrades you can do yourself that will make your rig stand out.

Styling RimsCustom tractor with rims and graphics

Nothing says “style” like a shiny set of rims on your tractor. While actually sending your wheels out to be chromed might prove quite costly, you can pick up a set of custom wheels made for tractor pulling and bolt them on. Custom wheels come in chrome, powder-coated colors and a variety of racing-inspired designs. While you’re at it, a shiny new set of tires can finish off your tractor in top fashion.

Suspension Seats and More

Another hot upgrade for your tractor is a better seat. From mild to wild, tractor accessory manufacturers offer a number of options, such as seats that are made of zero gravity foam or suspension-type frames replete with folding backs and armrests. If you really want to get crazy, you can even install a racing bucket seat.

Custom Paint Jobs

One of the easiest ways to customize your tractor is to give it a slick new paint job. With some masking tape and spray paint in hand, the world is your canvas. You can do anything you want, such as hot rod flames, pin-striping, your favorite NASCAR driver’s paint scheme or even a matte black “stealth tractor” look. Before you begin, remember to use tape to mask over the engine and anything you don’t want painted; use newspaper to cover larger areas. If painting is beyond your skill set, you can also pick up some decals or a full vinyl wrap from a custom graphics shop.

Interior Design

Your tractor’s interior is another great place for creative customization. You can upgrade your toolbox to a diamond plate finish or paint it to match your custom exterior scheme. You can also swap out the stock gauges for some slick carbon fiber, white or back-lit ones. You could also buy a prefabricated dashboard assembly to match your favorite muscle car interior.

ChromedOut Hardware

A great customization job is all about the finishing touches. Once you’ve chosen a custom paint job for your tractor, finish off all the small metal parts like the exhaust pipe, mirrors and exposed components with slick chrome finish. It’s as easy as removing the parts and sending them out to be chrome-plated. The finished result will turn your old reliable workhorse into a dazzling muscle tractor.

There are lots of unorthodox upgrades to your tractor you may have never considered. You should consider applying some hot rod-style finishing touches to your tractor to give it a one-of-a-kind look and become the talk of the town.

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