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Best Cordless Drills for Garages, Homes & Worksites

Best Cordless Drills for Garages, Homes & Worksites

What Kind of Drill Should I Buy?

Any handy person, at-home mechanic or crafting enthusiast will tell you: the most important power tool in their toolbox is a cordless drill. From automotive projects, plumbing and home repair to paint mixing and woodworking, a cordless drill is a must-have tool. Thanks to their convenience and portability, these power tools are indispensable around the house, in the garage and on the worksite.

In the old days, your drill was only as portable as the length of your extension cord. But the latest and greatest models use versatile batteries with impressive voltage, meaning you get powerful performance for longer periods on a single charge. In many cases, you can also use your battery pack to power other household and worksite tools. Drills today are also easier to hold for longer amounts of time thanks to the flexible outer material and ergonomic designs for extended, comfortable use.

While you know NAPAonline is your one-stop-shop for all things automotive, it may surprise you that we carry a wide range of power tools—especially cordless drills—from big-name brands like Milwaukee Tool, DeWalt, Porter Cable and many more. Let’s look at some of the best cordless drill options for you or the tool enthusiast in your life!

Drill Down to the FactsMILWAUKEE TOOL M18 Compact Brushless 1/2" Drill Driver

The first question you should ask yourself when shopping for a cordless drill is, “What will I use my drill for?” You should consider the kind of work you are planning on doing, the frequency you will use your drill and finally your budget. You will also want to examine the types of motors used in drills. For example, brushless motors are more prevalent today because they conserve battery power by adjusting to the type of material you are drilling. Investigate the types of drills that are available, educate yourself on the differences between drills and consider the effect those differences will have on your workload and budget.

Remember that voltage is important. The higher the volts, the more powerful the drill. Many of the midrange cordless drills today offer 18V or 20V. Keep in mind that with more power usually comes bulkier size; however, the Milwaukee Tool M18 Compact Drill Driver delivers the most power in its class in a relatively low profile. It measures 6.5 inches in length and weighs only 3.4 pounds while sporting a whopping 500 inch-pounds of torque and 500–1,800 RPM.

The 20V ½-in Cordless Drill from DeWalt is purpose-built for the construction, manufacturing and woodworking industries. It weighs only 3.4 pounds and features an XR Li-ion battery with a built-in power gauge, so you always know when it’s time to recharge. The extended battery life and higher power level make these drills ideal for serious projects like building a deck and remodeling a bathroom.

For smaller projects around the house like mounting shelves, hanging art and assembling furniture, the Milwaukee M12  3/8” Drill/Driver is even more compact while still offering 275 inch-pounds of torque and a metal ratcheting chuck for long-lasting performance. This Porter Cable Drill/Driver is a budget-friendly 20V model, which offers a 2-speed gearbox that puts out 0–350/0–1,500 RPM.

The Right Drill for the Job

If you’re in the market for a specialized type of drill, you’ve come to the right place. NAPA Auto Parts is proud to offer a vast selection of power tools, including job-specific drills. The DeWalt XR 1/2-Inch Max-Amp Cordless Hammer Drill is a great option for heavy-duty jobs. With a high-efficiency brushless motor and 3-speed, all-metal premium transmission, this drill can easily tackle masonry and concrete drilling work, making it perfect for setting anchors and drilling holes for electrical wiring.

When it comes to working in tight spaces, you can’t go wrong with a right-angle drill. The Milwaukee Tool M18 Cordless 1/4-Inch Right Angle Driver is designed with a compact 1/4-inch head so you can drill in even the smallest of spaces. It offers an elongated paddle switch for a variety of grip options and is compatible with all the batteries in the M18 system from Milwaukee Tool. For those in the home repair and remodeling industries, the Milwaukee Tool Drywall Screw Gun is a great option. It can handle up to 27 sheets of drywall per charge and features an auto-start mode, allowing for automatic starts when the tool is in contact with drywall so you get 3x the run time.

When shopping for the perfect cordless drill, you want to aim for maximizing your bang for your buck. NAPA offers a great selection of drill and driver sets, so you get more for your money. The Milwaukee Tool M18 2-Tool Combi Kit features both a drill driver and an impact driver, as well as two REDLITHIUM Batteries, a multi-voltage charger and a rugged contractor bag for convenient portability. With the Craftsman Max Power Tool Combo Kit, you get a 20V cordless drill plus a 6 1/2-inch cordless circular saw with the blade included. This kit comes with 20V batteries for both tools and a charger.

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