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Trucker Accessories You Need at NAPA

Trucker Accessories You Need at NAPA

Everything Truck Drivers Need Outside & Inside Their CabNational Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Every truck driver has a corner office with a window view and a constantly changing background. It just so happens that it is mounted to a stout rolling chassis that keeps our economy moving. September 10–16, 2023 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, so there is no better time to team up with NAPA to spruce up that rig with semi-truck interior accessories and cleaning supplies. We assembled a list of a few of our favorite trucker accessories that can make life on the road a bit easier and restore your semi-truck to its glory days.

Semi-Truck Interior Accessories

Because truck drivers spend so much time in the cab, it makes sense to start with semi-truck interior accessories. Keeping track of paperwork, both in physical form and on a computer, is part of trucking life. That’s why a good mobile desk is a necessary truck driver accessory. Whether you need a place to park your laptop, hold a tablet or give you a firm writing surface, there are many different mobile desks options available to fit your truck’s workspace. 

If you need a bit more storage space in your cab, consider an overhead shelf. No more using your dashboard for storage with this easy-to-install overhead shelf! Great for stashing sunglasses, maps, log books or snacks. Now that your dashboard isn’t cluttered, you can fix that lousy air circulation problem with a dash fan. Factory-installed climate control isn’t bad, but when you need to move more air in a specific spot, a good interior fan is a classic solution. The miles will fly by with the wind in your hair without having to crack a window! 

Speaking of making the miles fly by quickly, it is possibly time to treat yourself to a new driver seat. Driving comfortably makes a big difference in your journey, so pick a nice air ride truck seat to smooth those expansion joints. This air ride seat by Bostrom has a full six inches of suspension to soak up frost heaves and northern potholes plus plenty of adjustment points to match your driving style. Finally, dress up your steering wheel and up your turning game with a spinner knob. There’s a reason why the brodie knob is so classic—it works! This wood spinner knob looks great while giving you an easy, firm grip on the steering wheel.

Semi-Truck Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your mighty steed shining bright on the highways means investing in appropriate semi-truck cleaning supplies. Washing the family sedan is easy compared to what feels like a few acres of Mack truck. That’s why you need a wash brush that can reach even the tallest sleeper cab. Try this 10” wide wash brush with a flow-thru design, which puts water right where you want it. This truck wash brush can telescope to more than five feet long. Cleaning what feels like a bazillion lug nuts is a lot easier with a dedicated lug nut brush. Just a quick swipe and every lug nut side is gleaming again! 

Don’t forget the soap and a good water hose. For soap, you can leave the five-gallon bucket behind by picking up this foaming car wash sprayer. Just attach this slick tool, which combines a soap hopper with a spray nozzle in one. Simply soap up your truck, scrub it down and rinse it off with no fuss. Make sure to invest in a good water hose with metal ends and quality material so you aren’t fighting against kinks while you wash.

Of course, if you are shining bright during the day, it is equally nice to shine bright at night. If you have an older semi-truck, consider upgrading to LED headlights. These are truly the easiest headlight upgrades in history. Just remove your old sealed beam headlight bulb and drop in a NAPA NightVision LED replacement unit. You can also swap out your old incandescent bulb stop/turn/tail lights for much easier to maintain LED units. With no bulbs to shake loose and much lower power draw, LED lights are a great way to spruce things up and reduce maintenance issues.

Keep It Trucking

Having a clean truck is useless if it is sitting on the side of the road broken down. You already know proper maintenance is key for long haul success, so why not stock up on necessities like Shell Rotella T6 Heavy Duty Motor Oil and a NAPA oil filter? Don’t forget a NAPA fuel filter as well. 

NAPA stocks all the fluids you need, if you find yourself a little low on coolant or wiper fluid. Make sure you have a good supply of the best diesel exhaust fluid like BlueDEF on hand for when you stop to refuel. Don’t rely solely on thumping your tires, make sure you have the right tire pressure gauge so you know for sure you are at your optimal tire pressure. 

Hit the Road to NAPA!

If you are ready to give your heavy-duty truck a bit of attention, head on over to your local NAPA Auto Parts store or visit NAPAonline. You’ll find a huge variety of heavy-duty truck parts and accessories to fit your heavy hauler. Make sure to sign up for NAPA Rewards too where you can earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend. Once you accumulate 100 Points, you get $5 off your next purchase automatically. That’s an easy goal to reach in just one oil change! Don’t have time to shop for your truck needs in person? We offer Free One-Day Shipping on more than 160,000 items!

Did you know that there are more than 900 NAPA Truck Service Centers across the country? You can get your truck serviced with ease and inspected for the road. The NAPA Fleet Network can work with you to customize a preventive maintenance program that matches your hauling needs. They can also help you finance repairs and even take advantage of a warranty!

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