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Creating A Car Maintenance Journal

Car inspection notes

Car on repair liftYou’ve heard it since the day you got the keys to your first car, “keeping your vehicle maintained is the key to extending its life.” When life gets busy, however, remembering to maintain your vehicle is generally easier said than done. While you may think back and laugh at that spiral notepad your parents kept in their glove compartment, they knew what they were doing. By creating a car maintenance journal, you’ll ultimately save time, money and most importantly, extend the life of your car.

So here are some methods, both tried-and-true and high-tech, to help keep you on top of your vehicle maintenance needs.

The Spiral

When it comes to keeping track of your vehicle, there’s nothing as basic, yet effective, as the good old spiral notepad. There are lots of sizes to choose from; 3″ x 5″, 5″ x 7″ and 6″ x 9″ will all fit in the glove box without a problem. Keep a pen clipped to your pad so you can jot down gas mileage, oil changes, tire rotation and even things like when you got the car washed last and how long it’s been since you changed the wiper blades.

The File

If you’re more old school and like the notepad method, you may also want to consider creating a file to keep your car’s history handy. Whenever you get work done on your vehicle, save the printed receipt from the mechanic. You can keep them sorted by date, or if you want to get more detailed, add colored tabs to identify specific types of work (purple for oil changes, red for brakes, etc).

The Web

There are a number of websites that allow you to document everything you do to your car online. By creating an account and setting up your vehicle specs on their site, you can add all of your records from your computer or the browser on your smartphone. A neat feature allows prospective buyers to view these notes when you’re ready to sell your vehicle.

The Smartphone

The problem with using a web-based record is that it’s not always immediately available to you, so you could forget to record something. Smartphone apps are always with you and allow you to quickly update everything about your car and its upkeep. You can also set alerts and reminders on your calendar, to take care of oil changes and other reoccurring and timely car care issues.

There are a wealth of options to create a car maintenance journal, and it really all comes down to the style that best fits you. Old-fashioned pad notation, website trackers and smartphone apps are all available to make your life easier. Keeping your records in order not only helps you understand your vehicle’s needs and costs but also gives a future buyer a look at how well you cared for the vehicle when it comes time to sell it.

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