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DIY Tech Upgrades for Analog Vehicles That Improve Your Drive Time

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DIY Tech Upgrades for Analog Vehicles That Improve Your Drive Time

Whether you own a cherished classic car, you always purchase used vehicles with cash or you are constantly hopping between rental vehicles, there is a plethora of aftermarket automotive digital accessories that will keep you safe and entertained while driving. Not everyone can own a Tesla that comes stocked with advanced auto technology. For those consumers behind the wheel of an older model Acura, Toyota 4Runner or Dodge Caravan, NAPA AUTO PARTS offers the best car tech to get you more up to speed. 

Shopping for independent car tech accessories often includes familiar items like portable satellite GPS devices to help with navigation and accurate arrival times. One of the latest trends in car tech add-ons is high-resolution dash cameras, which independently capture and store footage right before accidents and collisions occur to be used as evidence in insurance claims and court cases. Automotive tech can also retain a sense of nostalgia, like this radar detector by Whistler with voice alerts and separate modes for city or highway driving. These are the types of car tech parts that provide drivers with a sense of safety and security.

Hi-tech accessories for a vintage sports car, daily commuter sedan, family minivan, hard-working pickup or sophisticated SUV can modernize your vehicle for improved convenience. In this way, each detachable digital device integrates your standard vehicle into our increasingly ‘smart’ lives. This type of interior upgrade can be as simple as this very affordable battery operated combination thermometer, compass and digital clock

Car technology can perform one solitary function, such as an electric car air purifier that freshens your interior cabin air, while some hi-tech accessories are a clear indication that drivers are often in too big of a rush out the door. A perfect example is taking home appliances on the road, such as a travel espresso maker or car coffee machine as it is often called (not sold on with your safety in mind).

Shop for Car Tech Accessories to Keep Your Hands on the Wheel

The best type of car tech gadget in your vehicle is one that optimizes your drive time. A simple way to add that value is by ensuring you don’t get pulled over for distracted driving or ticketed for holding your phone while moving. Cell phone mounts and mobile phone stands are perfect, inexpensive additions that allow you to utilize the functionality of your smart phone to control music and follow GPS navigation through voice commands. Be aware, interior accessory items that are priced less than $5 may not last long with daily use and abuse. If cost is the most pressing factor, get a simple gel suction cup mount that you can apply to either your dashboard or windshield. The Smartphone Extended Swivel Mount incorporates an extension arm that reaches six inches plus features full swivel functionality and an adjustable grip. For the most portability and compatibility in any vehicle, go with a universal cup phone holder, which grasps any smart phone that is less than four inches wide and incorporates an adjustable, flexible gooseneck arm.

For a secure, padded, versatile and long-lasting solution, get the Bracketron Grip-IT Vent Mount. It features a 360-degree rotation and can accommodate mobile phones as wide as 4.5 inches. But the ultimate option for mounting your cell phone while driving is a stand that also functions as a charger, such as the Bytech Wireless Charging Suction Car Mount

Shop for Connected Car Tech with the Latest Bluetooth Technology

In the simplest of terms, a car gadget is an electronic piece of equipment that adds value to your vehicle (such as collision sensors or performance monitors) or improves the level of entertainment for both you and your passengers. A simple DIY upgrade with the right technology can make a dated ride feel brand new. 

NAPA AUTO PARTS offers many plug-and-play solutions for your automotive audio needs. The Roadtripper Car Audio Bluetooth FM Transmitter allows you to transmit music from your smartphone or MP3 player without your vehicle having integrated Bluetooth technology. And, it allows you to use the existing FM radio to complete hands-free calling with a noise-canceling microphone. Want to elevate the look and function of your car stereo system without the hassle and cost of a total replacement? Go with a digital media receiver that features built-in Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling and audio streaming, such as this very budget-friendly, high-tech Dual Electronics Bluetooth receiver.

Or, if you’re in the market for an interior accessory that screams high-end, mostly from the excitement of your kids in the back watching the same cartoon movie for the twentieth time, order the Optronics headrest monitor with built-in DVD. This tech piece is engineered to replace a headrest in most commuter vehicles to create an aftermarket entertainment system in your family minivan, SUV or crossover. If you just need to mount a digital device with a large screen, such as a computer tablet or iPad, go with the Tablet Entertainment Mount System. This Bluetooth-capable, universal tablet holder has an adjustable clamp mechanism that safely and securely locks your tablet into position behind a standard seat.

Shop at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store for all your hi-tech accessory needs, and sign up for NAPA Rewards to get one Point for every $1 you spend! Whether it is something basic like a Bracketron charging kit with four types of connectors, including micro USB and mini USB, or a complex component like a Rearview Mirror LCD Camera System, NAPA’s car tech experts can point you toward the digital age.

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