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Ford Specialty Tools You Need In Your Toolbox

Ford Specialty Tools You Need In Your Toolbox

Do you own or work on Ford Motor Company vehicles (including Lincoln and Mercury) often? If the answer is “yes” then we have four Ford specialty tools we think you need to know about. While you may not need these tools now, when the right job comes around just knowing they exist can make a big difference. So file these away for future reference, or go ahead and pick them up to be prepared!

Distributor Module Socket

If you have an older 1983-1995 Ford vehicle with a distributor and fuel injection, you likely have a Thick Film Ignition (TFI) module. This module is mounted to the side of the distributor shaft, under (but not inside) the distributor cap. While a handy location for ignition system packaging, it can be a real pain to reach without removing the distributor itself. That’s where this little Ford Distributor Module Socket comes in handy. The tip is designed to fit the very small TFI module screw holes and the equally small screw hex heads.

Fan Clutch Wrench SetFan Clutch Wrench Set

If your Ford has a mechanical fan, then it likely has a fan clutch. Certain models attached the fan clutch to the water pump using an oversize threaded nut. If the fan clutch needs to come off for a repair, you will notice that the water pump mounting flange and the fan clutch spin together. You need to somehow hold the water pump still while turning the fan clutch mounting nut. A Ford Fan Clutch Wrench Set allows you to do just that. The smaller 36mm wrench turns the nut while the larger 58mm wrench holds the water pump flange in place.

Transmission Cooler Line Release Tool

On the assembly line it is important to keep things moving. That’s why manufacturers use connections that require simple or even no tools to assemble. But what about when it is time to take something apart again? In this case we’re talking about Ford automatic transmission cooler lines. These are actually neat little connections that use O-rings and internal springs to provide a leak-free seal. But to make that internal spring release its grip, you need a Transmission Cooler Line Release Tool. This simple tool slides down the outside of the metal cooler line and pushes on the locking spring, allowing the connection to release.

Spark Plug Extraction Tool Set

Owners of Ford 3-valve V8 engines are all too familiar with horror stories surrounding swapping out spark plugs. The cylinder head uses an exceptionally long spark plug electrode to reach the cylinder. Over time carbon can build up and lock the electrode in place from inside the cylinder. The spark plug body itself may come out, but the electrode may stay buried in the cylinder head. But don’t fret, because the Spark Plug Extraction Tool Set has been created specifically to solve this problem. Using this set it is possible to retrieve the broken electrode from the cylinder head without major engine surgery.

Of course there are lots of other Ford specialty tools out there, but we’ve found these four to be among the most popular. Picking up your first specialty tool can seem uncertain, especially since some are only designed for a specific job. But when that tool saves you hours of work, its value just went up. So don’t be afraid to pick up a specialty tool or two for your toolbox.

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