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Four Useful UTV Accessories

UTV accessories can make your work safer and easier.

Let’s talk about UTV accessories. Utility terrain vehicles are great tools for getting some heavy-duty offroad work done, and with space for cargo and passengers, you can think of them as the serious sibling of the more recreation-oriented ATV.

But just because these machines are rugged and rough doesn’t mean you should forgo the added convenience, comfort and safety that a few accessories can offer. Here are four UTV accessories to help make working with your UTV easier.


You may be focused on the job at hand and the road (or lack thereof) ahead, but you also need to see behind your UTV, and just looking over your shoulder really doesn’t cut it. Good rear- and side-view mirrors are essential for knowing what’s going on around your vehicle. In fact, outfitting your UTV with an inside center-of-the-windshield rear-view and two outside mirrors (one on each side), just like a street-legal vehicle, is a great way to make your workday a lot safer.

A Cab Heater

There are drawbacks to vehicles with no doors and unlined canvas tops — if yours has a top at all — and exposure to the elements is certainly one of them. You can reduce the discomfort of being out in the cold with a heater for your enclosed cab. They come in a wide range of outputs and are priced for all budgets. Some even have the ability to defrost your windshield, making your work not only more comfortable but also safer.

A Rear Dust Screen

The longer you drive a UTV, the more you realize that all the dust you’re kicking up doesn’t just blow off behind you. All too often, especially when you stop suddenly, that dust cloud catches up to you from behind and invades the cabin. You can cut way down on these dustings by installing a rear dust screen. This is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to improve your vision, breathing and comfort while out on the trails. It can also reduce the need to clean your UTV’s interior.

A UTV Cover

Having a UTV cover for when your machine is parked is a good idea too. Protecting open-interior vehicles from the elements and curious animals is important to their longevity, so investing in a heavy-duty cover can help you keep your offroad ride clean and dry so that it’s in prime condition next time you need it to power you through your workday.

Let’s face it, UTVs are meant for mean, dirty jobs. But there’s nothing wrong with adading some creature comforts, especially when they can make you more productive. Consider these upgrades today — maybe you’ll get hooked and find yourself building your UTV into a custom ride that’s truly just for you.

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