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Garage Storage Ideas For Active Lifestyles

mountain biking

The garage is a great place to keep everything you use for your active outdoor lifestyle. Whether it is biking,  camping, running, organized sports or anything else that gets you moving there are likely things that need to be stored until the next session. If you are involved in more than one hobby or have kids with different hobbies, that gear can pile up quickly and devolve into a mess. If you are tired of tripping over lacrosse sticks on the floor or threading your way between parked bicycles to get to the car, then these garage storage ideas for active lifestyles are for you.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is clear an area and figure out just what kind of storage space you have available. Back the car out and give yourself plenty of room. This may also be a great time to get rid of any junk that’s been sitting around too long or that you no longer need. Give the space a clean sweep for good measure.

Now take a look at everything that needs to be stored in your garage. It might help to lay everything out in the driveway or parking spot to get a proper inventory. Think about what items you use the most versus what is only pulled out occasionally. The things you use the most should be the most readily at hand and easy to store or else you will be tempted to not put them back in their place next time.

Wall Storage

A blank wall is a clean slate for your storage needs. What you hang on that wall depends on how much free distance you have available. You can hang bicycles from the wall using a bike hook that holds the tire, or use a bike rack that cradles the frame and folds away when not in use. For the ultimate in customizable wall storage consider something like the CargoSmart X-Track Rails system. Simply mount the rails to the wall and then choose the storage accessory that fits your needs.  Grab a storage tray for holding things like helmets, water bottles, tool bags, supplies and more. Stop leaning those baseball bats, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, or any other sport stick against the wall with a purpose built holder. Hold sports balls, shoes, gloves or anything else in a handy mesh utility bag. Hang up heavy items like golf bags and equipment bags with a sturdy J-hook. And with a customizable wall storage  system you can swap things around at any time without having to break out the tools. For items that need to be kept together like boat anchor rope or fishing poles you can try a VELCRO® Brand EASY HANG™ heavy-duty strap.

Overhead Optionsbike hoist storage

Your garage ceiling is often overlooked as a potential storage space, but it is a great place to stash stuff if you have the right equipment. A ceiling mount bike lift is easy to install and use. Just bolt it to your ceiling securely, attach the hooks to the bike, and hoist away! You can even get a heavy-duty ceiling hoist for storing things like kayaks, equipment bags, bike trailers, or anything else that is within the weight limit. Whenever using overhead ceiling mounted storage solutions always make sure to securely mount into the wooden ceiling joists, not the overlaying sheetrock. Sheetrock anchors are almost always rated for shear loads, not tension loads and may pull straight out of the ceiling.

Stack It Up

Keep everything organized and accessible with stacking storage crates. Perfect for cleats, tennis shoes, and hiking boots to name a few ideas. These crates stack securely and have an open side for easy access. For small items like golf balls, gloves, tools, and other small stuff a modular storage tower is just the ticket. If you have a lots of equipment to keep separate but still mobile then a set of stacking crates may be just for you.

Shelve It

Some stuff just stores better on a shelf. Camping equipment is a great example. A good set of sturdy shelves can hold your tent, folding chairs, camping stove, tarps, even your prized cast-iron Dutch oven. Shelves also give you flexibility to rearrange items instantly. Place two or more shelving units side-by-side for a surprising amount of storage space in a small area. You can also tuck shelves under work benches or above doors if you are handy.

Tote It

Storage bins are nothing new, but modern ones are not just plastic milk crates. These new storage totes can handle your sports gear both in the garage and on to go. Just load up everything you need for the game in a sturdy container box and toss it in the trunk or cargo area. There are lots of sizes and shape of containers to choose from on the market. Some are even designed to stack and lock together. Other have wheels for easy transport. You can even match storage bins and totes with a set of shelves for fast access and easy storage. Using totes also makes it easy to swap equipment between seasons. Just put put the out of season stuff on the top shelf where it is out of the way and move the current sport stuff into the middle or lower shelves for easy access. Just don’t forget to label each bin to make it easy  to find next year.

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