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Get The Most Out Of New Seat Covers and Floor Mats

A clean car interior and seats

If you frequently travel with pets or small children, then you can kiss those like-new backseats goodbye! Over time, your upholstery will inevitably become a canvas for any crumbs, spills and tears that could permanently damage expensive leather or stain-free fabric. This is why interior accessories like car seat covers, floor mats and cargo liners are the solution to a clean, protected cabin without the headache of constantly worrying about natural wear and tear. 

Let’s face it, most people don’t have the time or energy to maintain the upkeep of a pristine vehicle interior. After just one summer’s worth of road trips, carpooling and weekend adventures, you’re likely to find stubborn stains, rips and buildup that are nearly impossible to clean and contribute to the devaluation of your ride. To stay ahead of the game and save yourself the hassle, invest in durable, stylish seat covers and protectors that do the dirty work for you. 

Sit Down and Get DirtyWeatherTech floor mats

Don’t get us wrong; we’re not talking about the slouchy, ill-fitting designs! NAPAOnline carries car seat covers, floor mats and liners that match OEM dimensions and feature precision-cut technology and custom fit designs, so you get coverage for every dust-collecting nook and cranny. Quality seat covers are made to enhance your cabin, not detract from it with drab layering that won’t stay in place. 

The same goes for car floor mats and liners. They are an excellent way to guard your OEM carpeting, but they’re only worth it if they actually fit the outline of your space. Thankfully, most liners are easy to install and clean. They’re functional yet stylish and come at a fraction of the cost of replacing your factory upholstery. Plus, a custom-fitted seat cover or floor mat will expertly cover every narrow inch and crevice of your cabin thanks to their digital lasering technology, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to unexpected spills. For unmatched quality with a trusted brand like WeatherTech, check out a wide selection of floor mats and liners on NAPAOnline. The WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners bring you excellent, custom-fitted mats that incorporate modern styles with spill-proof grooves and non-slip traction. 

Customize Your Look

When it comes to picking out your seat covers for cars, there’s a variety of material and style options on the market, so make sure you choose wisely. Some fabrics are better equipped to handle certain lifestyles. For example, if you’re trying to go for a more luxurious feel in your deluxe SUV, then faux leather may be the right option for you. For those who frequently trudge back from the beach dripping wet, neoprene options like the Coverking Neosupreme Seat Covers offer the waterproof protection needed to keep your upholstery nice and dry. For rugged rides like Jeep Wrangler, the camouflage-styled covers could be the missing piece to your off-road machine.

You can match your factory upholstery’s style or go rogue with a material upgrade that gives your cabin a new look and feel. Some covers might require a specific maintenance routine, like treatment with leather-specific cleaning chemicals. Regardless of your choice, NAPAOnline has everything you need install, maintain and enjoy your freshened covers and floor mats. 

Cargo Chaos

Let’s not forget that trunk space is dangerously easy to sully. The ‘out of sight, out of mind’ positioning makes it easy to forget (or not even acknowledge) any lingering spills and stains that need to be cleaned. However, your cargo space is just as vulnerable to food mess, debris, UV damage, scratches and more. Gym bag mustiness, grocery mayhem and pet dander all work their way into your trunk space, wreaking havoc on bare flooring. Sharp turns can easily cause spills that might go unnoticed for extended periods of time, leaving you with semi-permanent damage that isn’t always easy to repair. Thankfully, NAPAOnline carries innovated options like the Maxliner Smartliner Cargo Liner to keep everything in one place. Even if you spill a gallon of detergent, the raised edges and thick polyethylene ensure nothing seeps through. The textured grooves keep your things from rolling around, while the laser-cut measuring promises an exact, vehicle-specific fit. 

The best part about these car floor mats, liners and seat covers is that they can fit not only your vehicle’s measurements, but also your lifestyle, desire maintenance and look. Visit NAPAOnline for deals and promotions on cargo mats and more, plus get yours delivered with one-day shipping!

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