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Hot Valentine’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers

Hot Valentine's Day Gifts for Car Lovers

Unexpected gifts are the best. Even a small token that shows you care will delight your Valentine when you surprise him or her on this special day of romance. If your significant other is a car lover like we are, shopping is easy. We’ve selected seven gifts for car lovers – all priced under $40 – that are sure to please any car lover. You can even save time by ordering your gift online.

best automotive gifts Evercraft jack stand set DIY car truck NAPA AUTO PARTS

Evercraft jack stands: Keep your loved one safe and sound

Crawling under a jacked-up car can be dangerous. That’s why professionals and smart DIYers use ramps or jack stands to minimize the chances of gravity taking over and causing serious injury. These Evercraft jack stands are an affordable solution that makes a great gift for your Valentine. A set comes with two jack stands, each capable of handling up to 3 tons. Pick up a pair and ensure the safety of your loved one while he or she is getting greasy in the garage.
best automotive gifts Evercraft creeper seat DIY car truck NAPA AUTO PARTS

Evercraft creeper seat: Provide some comfort

Turning wrenches can be a workout: up, down, turn around, fetch a tool, then reach for a hidden bolt. After a day of work, our bodies can become tired and sore. Fortunately, little helpers like this Evercraft creeper seat can alleviate much of the physical stress. Simply using a stool instead of sitting on the floor or driveway helps tremendously. Adding to that swiveling casters that allow you to move around with ease makes a job even quicker and less taxing. Give your Valentine some comfort with this affordable creeper seat and it will quickly become one of his or her favorite pieces of equipment.
best automotive gifts Mechanix Wear apron DIY car truck NAPA AUTO PARTS

Mechanix Wear apron: Encourage good, clean fun

Another gift that will save time also keeps your Valentine clean and tidy. This Mechanix Wear apron includes pockets for frequently used tools, reducing trips to the toolbox. Made from heavyweight 500 denier fabric, it protects clothing from dirt and spills while protecting vehicle paint from belt buckles, zippers and buttons. A split in the lower section prevents restricting movement, and adjustable straps help it to fit car lovers of any size.

best automotive gifts Mechanix Wear gloves DIY car truck NAPA AUTO PARTS

Mechanix Wear gloves: Lend a hand

Every automotive DIYer is hands-on; we depend on our digits to do what we love, so protecting them is important. A pair of quality mechanic’s gloves is a must-have to prevent burns, scrapes and cuts that come with the territory of working on cars and trucks. These Mechanix Wear gloves not only keep hands clean but help maintain dexterity and prevent minor hand and finger injuries. Your Valentine’s hands will be warm and happy with a pair of the original Mechanix gloves.

best automotive gifts universal interior heater car truck boat RV NAPA AUTO PARTS

Universal interior heater: Heat things up

Antique and classic car enthusiasts enjoy experiencing simpler times when getting behind the wheel of that special vintage automobile. Driving old cars is certainly fun, although we sometimes miss the creature comforts of a modern automobile. Help your Valentine warm up in winter weather with a universal interior heater powered by his or her vehicle’s electrical system. Simply plug the self-contained unit into a 12-volt outlet and you’ll find things heating up in no time. This heater works great for boats and RVs, too, or anywhere 12-volt electrical supply is automotive gifts emergency flare kit car truck NAPA AUTO PARTSEmergency flare kit: Make your love burn

Regular drivers require all systems to be in working order, lest they get stranded. We DIY car enthusiasts, however, live on the edge, with no fear of a break-down. Roadside repairs are a challenge for us, not an intimidating problem at an inopportune time. Prepare your Valentine to face that challenge while ensuring a safe roadside environment with a set of emergency flares. This kit includes six 30-minute flares and a safety vest to improve visibility, helping your loved one get back on the road quickly and automotive gifts winter emergency safety kit car truck NAPA AUTO PARTS

Winter emergency kit: Keep ’em warm

Staying warm in harsh winter weather is tough enough. Surviving in a winter-weather emergency requires even more than a tolerance for cold temperatures. This winter emergency kit comes with a long list of items to ensure proper preparation and readiness for drivers in extreme climates. Pack one in your Valentine’s vehicle to help him or her survive when snow and ice paralyze roads. Items like a tow strap provide options for freeing a stuck vehicle. First aid and survival gear ensure safety for stranded motorists.

This year, skip the generic Valentine’s Day gifts and get the car lover in your life something he or she can really use.

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