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How to Give Old Car Parts a Second Life

Hubcap art. Old hubcaps can make any fence interesting.

Why throw away old car parts when they can be upcycled and given a second life? There are all sorts of ways you can repurpose car parts for use in your home. Whether it’s door handles, hoods or engine blocks, a little creativity can turn them into unique decorative items. Here are a few ways you can give old car parts a new life.

Engine Block Wine RackWheel Rim Camel Art

Drinking and driving do not mix, but an engine block turns out to be a great way to hold bottles of wine. The holes that house the cylinders also fit most wine bottles. Add a piece of glass to the top and you have a living room coffee table that will be the envy of all your friends.

Get Artsy

This is a good way to get rid of all the random parts cluttering your garage that you’re holding onto just in case. Break out the welder and create something new. This one really lets your creative juices flow because there’s no right or wrong outcome. Make a sculpture for display, art for the wall or even a tabletop mosaic of automotive bits and pieces.

Door Handle Drawer Pulls

Turn old door and window crank handles into drawer pulls. This is a great project for older handles with bright chrome finishes. Use them as drawer pulls on an old dresser or even on kitchen drawers for a look you won’t find anywhere else.

Car Hood Headboard

What’s neat about this project is that a tarnished hood with a bit of missing paint, scratches and a dent or two still looks great. You can even take advantage of the curve of the hood and use the space behind to create a bookshelf.

Tire Rim Tables

Turn any tire rim into a table simply by turning it on its side and adding a glass or wood topper. Depending on the look you want, paint the rim first or simply leave it unfinished for a more industrial look. If a single rim is too short, then weld multiple rims together to get the right height.

Tailgate Benches

Tailgates are perfect for repurposing into benches. You can build a simple wooden bench from scratch and work the tailgate into the design, or you can modify an existing bench with a tailgate for the back. A tailgate is also a good idea for a porch swing.

There are hundreds of ways to repurpose old car parts rather than throwing them away. Let loose with your creativity and see what happens.

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