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How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaner | NAPA Auto Parts

How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaner | NAPA Auto Parts

How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaner

If you are like most drivers right now, you’re searching for every possible way to improve the gas mileage of your daily commuter vehicle. If you want to increase the miles per gallon in your car, minivan, SUV or crossover, or you are noticing a decrease in your vehicle’s responsiveness or experiencing issues when starting, it might be time to clean your engine. 

Most modern vehicles use direct fuel injection engine systems for better efficiency and improved performance. Fuel injectors spray fuel directly into the combustion chamber of your engine, where it mixes with air and ignites. These injectors are designed to emit a precise amount of fuel into the engine’s cylinders all while handling high heat and pressure, as well as potential contaminants. Essentially, directly injecting fuel into the chamber produces carbon buildup, which can lead to clogs that cause misfires.

When you hit the gas pedal, your engine should instantly react with consistent power. To achieve this, your engine must remain cool and lubricated, which means the oil inside must easily flow. If your system is hesitating when trying to accelerate (revving at high RPMs with little forward momentum) or lurching in short bursts, it is time for a DIY engine tune-up. Fortunately, NAPA sells all the fuel injector cleaners plus fuel and emission system parts you need to maintain a healthy, high-performing system. 

Applying the Right Sea Foam TreatmentSeaFoam spray

Our NAPA experts recommend using Sea Foam Motor Treatment for personal automotive, marine and fleet vehicles to clean fuel injectors, carburetor jets and intake valves. Not only does this special formulation clear away chamber deposits by flushing out the sludge, gummy residue and oil varnish, it also lubricates upper cylinders to prevent corrosion. One bottle can treat up to 16 gallons of fuel and can be applied directly to your nearly full fuel tank about every 5,000 miles.

For a more professional application, use one can of Sea Foam engine cleaner to treat 16 quarts of oil (typically two treatments or two vehicles per bottle). The best method is to add half the treatment 1,000 miles before the next oil change to flush out the containments. Then add the rest after the oil change to keep the system lubricated until the next treatment.

For the most advanced approach, use Sea Foam Spray Top Engine Cleaner, which is the same Sea Foam solution distributed as an aerosol spray instead of in liquid form. NAPA experts prefer Sea Foam Spray over tank additives because it uses a gas engine’s upper air intake to reach even more places, like critical upper engine areas. Not only does it dissolve harmful deposits and residue buildup, but it also lubricates throttle plates, bushings and upper cylinders.

Learning how to use fuel injection cleaner is easy. Apply Sea Foam Spray through the gas fuel-injection throttle body or carburetor throat by following the instructions printed on the bottle. These steps typically include:

  1. Insert the included application hose into the air intake in front of the throttle plates
  2. Start engine and let it warm up to operating temperature
  3. Increase idle speed to 2,000 RPMs and spray the contents of the container into the engine
  4. Shut the engine off and allow it to ‘soak’ for 15 minutes. 
  5. Restart the engine and road test the vehicle for 5 to 10 miles until the exhaust is clean

If a Sea Foam treatment does not seem to solve your fuel injection or overall engine performance issues, it might be time to shop for replacement parts. NAPAOnline has a large catalog of aftermarket fuel injectors, as well as control modules, heat shields, insulators, fuel pumps, seal kits and more.

NAPA Has the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Solution for You

From specific applications to general maintenance, NAPAOnline has what you are seeking. Try the 3M Universal Fuel Injection Cleaner, which is safe to use in engine systems with oxygen sensors. This targeted approach to cleaning your fuel injectors will remove any gunk that has accumulated from ethanol or impurities in your fuel.

You can also grab a bottle of CRC Gasoline 1 Tank Power Renew to treat up to a 25-gallon tank with an included gas tank funnel. This solution is perfect for an engine with approximately 50,000 miles. One application is engineered to rejuvenate the performance and efficiency of your engine. Another treatment every 6 months should keep your engine running in top form for many years to come.

Additionally, for a straight-forward fuel additive, our experts recommend TECHRON Concentrate Plus Complete Fuel System Cleaner. Deposits in your engine system can cause high exhaust emissions. One easy treatment from TECHRON not only minimizes deposit-related knocks and pings, but it can also relieve cold start problems.

NAPAOnline offers all the automotive fluids for your commuter cars, heavy-duty trucks, recreational vehicles, including boats and motorcycles, lawn equipment and snow blowing machines. Check out our full line of oils, lubricants and cleaners to find the right chemicals for your DIY project from additives and antifreeze to injector oils and valve cleaner. Don’t forget, we now offer NAPA Rewards. Get one point for every $1 you spend. Sign up and save today!

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