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Jeep Accessories For The Great Outdoors

A Jeep with a tent on top

Your Jeep is the ultimate getaway machine for the great outdoors. Excellent off road capability combined with cargo capacity makes a Jeep the ultimate  pack mule. Whether you are out on a trail ride in your favorite off road park, or hitting the back country for a camping spot that no minivan could dream of reaching you may want to add a few things before you leave. Check out a few of our favorite Jeep accessories for the great outdoors.

Roof RackJeep with a roof rack

The versatility of a roof rack can’t be underestimated. If you have a Wrangler or CJ you may already have a roll bar, but a roof rack is the foundation for a world of cargo hauling accessories. Depending on your Jeep model and type of top (hard top or soft top) you have several roof rack options. For example a hard top JK Wrangler can use a set of easy to install roof rack crossbars that connect to the rain gutters. Another option for hard top owners is an adjustable roof rack. For that full exo-cage look and extra weight capacity you can go with a full roof rack system that attaches to the perimeter of the passenger cabin. For a lower profile you can try a roof rack that also functions as a shallow cargo basket and attaches to your Wrangler’s hard top.

Once you have a cargo rack you can decide how you want to use it. A cargo carrier is a versatile way to carry waterproof items that can be snugged down for the drive. For a more weatherproof cargo solution there is the classic cargo box everyone remembers from family vacations. There’s a reason why cargo boxes are so popular: they work! Maybe you want to tote your kayak or bicycles with you. No problem with a roof rack as your foundation.

Creative Storage

When kitting out a Jeep for adventure there are times when space becomes a premium. But if you think of your Jeep as an evolving tool working towards meeting your own needs, you will see that there are a wealth of creative storage options out there. Most people never think of their spare tire as an opportunity, but on a Jeep a spare tire can be put to work with a spare tire organizer. Think of it like a backpack for your rig. If you have a set of tube doors to let the cool breeze flow, you can put them to work with a set of door covers that include handy storage bags. Great for stuff like tools and smaller camping gear. Add another layer of storage accessibility with a rear cargo tray. Sure you can just stack everything up in the back, but what if you need to get to that bag at the bottom? A cargo tray adds separation between your cargo layers plus you can remove it when it isn’t needed. Lastly there are times when you will be away from your Jeep and you need a secure place to store things. An under seat locking storage box can keep your valuables safe while you hit the hiking trails or the lake for a swim.


Being prepared for adventure is easy. Take time to think about where your travels will take you and pick the tools that best fit. For example if you have a lifted Jeep or plan on heading off road, a utility jack is a must. Unlike your factory emergency jack, an emergency jack can lift far higher than normal. It can even be used a manual winch in a pinch. If you find yourself mired in mud, snow, or sand you will be happy to have a folding shovel along. If you want to keep your storage space free but don’t want to leave tools at home, simply pick up a multi-tool that can do it all. You never know when you might need to hammer tent pegs into tough soil or chop up some firewood, but with the right multi-tool it won’t be a problem. Speaking of problems you don’t want to get stuck with a leaky or flat tire away from civilization. A tire repair kit is easy to pack and easy to use for temporary tire repairs so you can get home. Finally for the ultimate in capability and power a bumper mounted winch is answer. Of course a winch can be used to get unstuck, but it can also be used to help move heavy things like fallen trees blocking a trail. You can even get creative and make a clothesline. Make sure to pick up an off road recovery kit to go with your winch.

Camping Gear

Getting away from it all is a lot easier when you are in a Jeep. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely rough it. Give yourself some shade with a vehicle mounted awning that sets up in minutes. You can pick a simple awning that gives enough a shady spot to rest, all the way up to tailgate party sized fold-out awning for everyone. However you choose, having an awning anchored to the vehicle makes for quick assembly and secure footing. Speaking  secure anchoring, if you have rooftop cross-bars installed then a rooftop tent is the ultimate overnight solution. No more wet tent floors or time spent trying to find the least rocky spot. Just park, unfold, secure and relax! If you have a Jeep Gladiator you can opt to transform your cargo bed into a comfy shelter, just don’t forget the matching air mattress. Once you’ve set up camp take a well deserved break with a frosty drink from the  rugged cooler you packed.

Driving a Jeep means you are already half way to the great outdoors any time adventure calls. With the right accessories to match your lifestyle hitting the road will be even easier.

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