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Lawn Tractor Accessories to Make Life Easier

A lawn tractor parked in a yard.

Lawn tractor accessories make it easy to do all sorts of work around the yard, from fall cleanups to spring mulching to summertime planting. You can even haul gravel and wood around during your small construction projects with the right accessories. There are a lot of options on the market, so it can be hard to decide exactly which accessories are the ones to buy. Read on to see our picks for the ones that are your best bets.

Items to Keep Your Tractor GoingLawn Tractor Attachments

When you’re considering what lawn tractor accessories you need, don’t forget to include items that keep it operational, including new mower blades, tractor covers, oil, gas, spark plugs and any of the maintenance items lawn equipment requires. Keep these essentials at the ready so you don’t have to run out and buy them when you have big plans to get other work done.

A Cart to Haul Your Stuff

Sure, you could put your stuff in a wheelbarrow, but putting it into a cart that you can tow behind your tractor is a lot easier. Look for one that’s large enough to manage the jobs you typically do, like spreading mulch, carrying leaves or carting tools. It’s also handy to have a cart that tilts on a hinge to dump your payload easily.

Baggers for Leaves and Grass

Even if you typically mulch your grass clippings (leaving the clippings on the lawn), you will find a bagger attachment is a must-have when fall comes and your beautiful yard is covered with leaves. This attachment essentially vacuums up and stores the debris you ride over, so these can also come in handy if the grass gets a bit higher than usual and is simply too long to mulch.

A Comfortable Enclosure or Shade

A lawn tractor takes a lot of the work out of yard maintenance, but the sun is still hot on summer days. A little shade goes a long way on a scorching afternoon, and a full enclosure can also protect you from wind and rain, keeping you more comfortable in a range of conditions.

A Lawn Aerator or Dethatcher

Dethatching your lawn promotes grass growth, but getting this done often means calling in the pros. If you have your own aerator or dethatching attachment for your tractor, then you can avoid this annual expense, take care of the job yourself and enjoy a lush lawn every season.

A lawn tractor is a versatile tool that makes caring for your yard and home easier. Make the most of your investment by purchasing accessories that help you do your work, save money elsewhere and keep yourself comfortable.

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