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Looking Into What’s Ahead in the ADAS Arena

What’s Ahead in the ADAS Arena

Last week NAPA AUTO PARTS looked into what it will mean as we shift into an electric vehicle future. This week we look at the future of driver safety systems.

ADAS Has Arrived

Today, ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) is one of the fastest-growing segments in automotive electronics. In the United States today, 60% of vehicles sold are equipped with some level of ADAS availability with that number expected to increase significantly by 2025. Expect a proliferation of sensor parts with the number of sensors required per car to triple over the next 10 years.

NAPA will be ready for the changes ahead. NAPA currently offers almost 400 skus of ADAS parts across five product categories and is bringing in another 100 this year alone.

Assisted driving requires accurate readings of sensors and redundancy in systems. By 2030 aftermarket sensor re-calibration is projected to grow to more than five times what it is today.

The positioning of sensors throughout vehicles makes many of them prone to damage from even minor collisions. The cost of ADAS repairs can be significant. Consider an article in Consumer Reports that points out that a typical windshield replacement costs roughly $300-$500. An ADAS-capable windshield may cost $700-$1500 plus the cost of sensor and camera replacement at $800-$1,900. That’s in addition to recalibration costs of about $250.

People need to understand that even everyday services such as alignments, tire work, and suspension can impact the performance of ADAS systems. Even choosing the wrong brake pad when doing a brake repair could affect the function of a vehicle’s automated braking and collision systems, so technician training is important. It’s about parts and the proper calibration of sensors that are critical to a vehicle’s safe performance.

Another thing to keep top of mind is that it’s imperative to have the proper equipment and service information to perform ADAS repairs. To help technicians at NAPA Auto Care Centers and other shops, automotive repair organizations such as ASE have developed resources featuring service manuals, technical service bulletins, and other sources of repair information. NAPA Autotech introduced ADAS training in June and will continue to expand its offerings.

Next week NAPA Auto Parts looks into the future of car connectivity, vehicle data, and repair.

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