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Loud & Proud Exhaust Kits

Loud & Proud Exhaust Kits

Shop NAPA: Loud & Proud Exhaust Kits

On the list of vehicle modifications, exhaust system kits are always near the top. Automotive manufacturers spend a lot of time making your vehicle quiet. Sometimes that quiet comes at the expense of power and performance. While having a quiet cabin is great for a luxury car, those with a more exciting ride prefer something that matches both looks and performance. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of exhaust kits on the market to make your ride sound its best.

Why Buy an Exhaust Kit?

An aftermarket exhaust kit often improves exhaust flow, which increases horsepower and torque for better acceleration. As a bonus, reduced back pressure may help fuel efficiency. Exhaust kits also deliver a distinct tone and sportier exhaust note that some drivers prefer. Just make sure to take into consideration your local noise ordinances so you don’t end up with a ticket. 

Depending on the material used, an aftermarket exhaust can also weigh less than the stock components, which can make a difference on the racetrack. An aftermarket exhaust typically looks better than a stock exhaust thanks to smooth mandrel bends, polished pipes and, of course, shiny exhaust tips.

Loudest Exhaust KitsBorla exhaust on a Camaro

If you want attention, then the loudest option is a straight pipe exhaust kit for maximizing exhaust gas flow. You get a deep, loud exhaust note for a distinctive and attention-grabbing sound. Check your local laws though as the lack of any kind of muffler may run afoul of noise ordinances. This kind of exhaust is usually reserved for race cars that won’t ever see the public roads.

For those who want a great sound while staying road legal, there are still options. Some loud exhaust kits include mufflers that offer minimal flow restriction with an excellent growl, without committing to straight pipes. Gibson offers a mandrel-bent exhaust system, which frees up horsepower and bolts right in for an easy installation. 

Dual Exhaust Kits

Exhaust kits come in a variety of layouts, such as the classic dual exhaust kit. Giving the exhaust gasses two separate routes not only enhances the sound, but can also improve horsepower and torque, especially in high-performance vehicles. These kits are especially popular for vehicles that were originally equipped with a single exhaust pipe.

Universal Exhaust Kits

For those looking for versatility, a universal exhaust kit is a great choice. It can fit a wide range of vehicle makes and models, but will likely require a bit more installation time and customization to fit. Most universal exhaust kits include a variety of tubing sections, both straight and bent, along with matching clamps. Some might include mufflers, but not always, as the muffler inlet/outlet location makes a difference.

For big engines or those pushing lots of boost, a custom three-inch exhaust pipe kit is possibly just the ticket. Remember that exhaust flow increases dramatically with the diameter of the exhaust pipe, so moving up a slight bit in diameter can make for a big difference in back pressure.

Truck Exhaust Kits

Truck owners can benefit from exhaust kits for trucks that enhance both the sound and look of your rig. Whether you’re hauling cargo or cruising the open road, an exhaust kit can make your truck stand out from the crowd. Thanks to how trucks are designed, there is plenty of space underneath for whatever kind of exhaust kit you have in mind. Want a classic Flowmaster dual exhaust kit? No problem. How about a dual side-exit exhaust from Heartthrob

Diesel Exhaust Kits

Diesel truck exhaust kits are a popular upgrade to help turbo engines breathe easier for more power. Legendary diesel tuner Banks offers its Monster custom exhaust kits, which eliminate back pressure for power you can feel. Get more horsepower and more torque without having to do any engine tuning. You may also get better fuel economy thanks to the efficient exhaust flow, which is always a welcome bonus. And, of course, you get an awesome sound that lets everyone know you have a torque monster under the hood.

Exhaust Tips

Happy with how your current exhaust sounds, but not quite thrilled with how it looks? Adding an exhaust tip is easy and takes only minutes. A pair of Flowmaster exhaust tips or a MBRP exhaust tip gives your car, truck or SUV a sporty look without the hassle of changing the entire exhaust system. You can also easily remove it if you ever sell the vehicle or want to change up the look.

Exhaust Repairs

If you are looking for an exhaust repair kit or an exhaust pipe repair kit, you need to figure out exactly what is wrong. For small holes and leaks, you can possibly use a product like JB Weld ExtremeHeat. For a larger problem, like rusted out pipes, bent pipes or broken pipes, you can use an exhaust pipe repair kit

Of course, if your exhaust system is starting to fall apart, the logical solution is to replace it. And, if you are going to replace your exhaust system, you might want to consider an upgrade to a Flowmaster, Borla or Magnaflow exhaust system.

NAPA Knows Exhaust

When it comes time to upgrade your car, truck or SUV with an exhaust that demands attention, simply head over to your local NAPA Auto Parts store or order from the comfort of your own home at NAPAonline. NAPA also offers Free One-Day Shipping on more than 160,000 items! 

Don’t feel like doing it yourself or don’t have the time to install an exhaust system? No problem, with more than 17,000 NAPA Auto Care centers nationwide, you can let our ASE-certified technicians handle the job.

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