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Milwaukee Packout Storage Solutions for Crafters

Milwaukee Packout Storage Solutions for Crafters

Milwaukee Packout Storage Solutions for Crafters

When it comes to crafting, organization is key. In fact, many crafters find joy in sorting, organizing, displaying and collecting craft materials like stickers, stamps, beads, ribbon, spools of twine and more. And now, a revolutionary product has hit the market, designed to allow all types of hobbyists and DIY specialists to customize their storage solutions. The stackable toolboxes of the Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT are perfect for securely transporting supplies with ease.

A personalized Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT stack is a commonsense storage solution that many artists, homemakers and educators are starting to utilize. The PACKOUT system is ideal to use in any engaging environment where bulletin boards are decorated by teachers, librarians and activity coordinators at recreational centers and especially remote, rustic camps. An afternoon spent in the classroom on a take-home project or a morning working at a craft station in the basement doesn’t have to turn into messy chaos thanks to the many PACKOUT compartments that can contain painting supplies, needles, yarn, permanent markers, glue guns, glitter, scissors, staplers and push pins.

Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT™ Compact Tool Box

Each unique piece of the convenient toolbox organizer ranges in cost from $50 to $150, and it only takes one piece to get a PACKOUT stack started. Almost every PACKOUT toolbox comes with a lid that securely shuts for even the roughest transporting. The versatile modular storage system is weather sealed for complete protection from heavy rain, harsh sunlight and dusty debris. Metal-reinforced corners provide ultimate durability. This robust fabrication is the standard for even the most lightweight, mobile units, such as the Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT Compact Tool Box, which comes with a handle, reinforced hinges and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

There are some PACKOUT options that offer a bit more open space to accommodate nearly any tool a craft lover might carry. You can stack the Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT Crate on top of other PACKOUT pieces or hang in a garage or workspace with the addition of a mounting plate. This crate holds up to 50 pounds of weight, incorporates side handles for carrying and uses integrated holes to drain any water, sand and even glitter that shifts or seeps to the bottom.

Ranging from small to tall, the various dimensions of each storage toolbox have NAPA customers coming back again and again to add more pieces. The Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT XL Tool Box is one of the more deluxe options, which you can mount to the rear bumper of a camper or on an ATV. This adaptive feature makes the extra-large toolbox ideal for aspiring artisans who have turned their craft projects into a lucrative side hustle, selling handcrafted items at festivals, fairs and flea markets. This isn’t your grandfather’s tackle box; this is the latest, trendiest, professional storage solution to tackle your newly discovered passion.

You Stack ‘Em, You Pack ‘Em

Ready to build a Milwaukee PACKOUT kit to meet your exact needs? First, you will want to establish a base, and our NAPA experts suggest a rigid stackable toolbox on wheels. The Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box connects with all other PACKOUT system components via integrated locking cleats and features a 250-pound weight capacity. This rolling storage toolbox comes with an industrial-grade extension handle and 9-inch, all-terrain wheels, ensuring everyone can cart it across any hard surface.

Next, you will want to gradually increase the number of Milwaukee PACKOUT mods in your stack. This is easily done by purchasing Milwaukee PACKOUT drawers. Both the two-drawer toolbox and the three-drawer toolbox include a locking security bar, all-metal ball bearing slides, quick-adjust dividers to customize the drawer layout and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Now, it is time to top off your PACKOUT. Consider buying the Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT Customizable Work Top fabricated from impact-resistant polymers with a .5-inch marine-grade wood top, which creates a durable, portable work surface for cutting, affixing and assembly crafts. Finally, it is time to take your Milwaukee PACKOUT for a spin by sitting it on the Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT Dolly (250-pound weight capacity). The QUICKSTOP Loading Lever keeps this storage dolly in place while loading and unloading.

You Can Never Have Too Many AccessoriesBead jewelry making supplies

Jewelry makers are always misplacing glass beads, metal twine, toggles and clasps. And, these crafters need a way to protect their investment in expensive, pristine pliers, cutters, files and soldering kits. That is why adding a few Milwaukee PACKOUT accessories is a great organizing solution. The Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT Low-Profile Organizer contains 10 removable bins with dividers for adjustable storage capacity. Also, don’t forget to order the MILWAUKEE TOOL Packout 3-Drawer Divider Kit, which includes two long dividers and six small dividers.

Artists never seem to have enough resin compound, acrylic material and oil paint. And because the Milwaukee PACKOUT system is adaptable, a personalized tower is also the perfect apparatus to tuck in all types of weaving, sewing, crocheting and macramé supplies. For these bulkier items, NAPA recommends the MILWAUKEE TOOL PACKOUT Deep Organizer.

If you want to test the high-quality value and ideal organizational solution that the Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT brand offers before acquiring a full range of pieces, consider purchasing the Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT Backpack. The PACKOUT backpack has an impact-resistant molded base plus is constructed with tear-resistant ballistic material and incorporates 48 pockets, including a hard-shell pocket designed for sensitive equipment.

Whether you enjoy do-it-FOR-yourself craft projects, like scrapbooking or embroidery, or you use your artistic talent to sell handmade candles and woodcarvings, this rolling stackable toolbox is built for you. Start building your dream storage solution today, and don’t forget to take advantage of NAPA’s Free One-Day Shipping on more than 160,000 products, tools and supplies.

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