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Must-Have Tools You Can Use Outside the Garage

5 Must-Have Tools You Can Use Outside the Garage

Must-Have Tools You Can Use Outside the Garage

It’s true: NAPA boasts nearly 6,000 Auto Parts stores and more than 17,000 Auto Care centers. With America’s largest network of aftermarket automotive parts and auto service, it might come as a surprise that NAPA also specializes in equipment and expertise outside the garage. That’s right, carries a huge range of tools from the smaller toolbox basics like measuring tape, screwdrivers and extension cords to large power tools for serious home repair like pressure washers and cordless or corded power drills.

Shop for all the best tools from top brand names like DeWalt, Carlyle Tools, Milwaukee Tool, Craftsman and more. These compact tools work great inside and outside the garage, around the home or even on the road. From full home renovation projects like siding replacement, hardwood floor installation and plumbing upgrades to small jobs like fixture installation or adding window treatments, a great home improvement journey starts at NAPA.

Shop for Hand Tools at NAPAonlineCraftsman Heavy Duty Retractable Extension Cord

Even the most complicated at-home projects require those small toolbox staples like a reliable measuring tape. This Milwaukee Tool 25-foot measuring tape features magnetic hooks that cling to steel, as well as a reduced blade arc for a straighter standout. For outdoor projects and surveying, larger units can span up to 300 feet, such as this DeWalt fiberglass long tape. A keychain-style measuring tape is a great addition in any vehicle emergency kit to use for scale reference in accident photos.

Nothing kills the excitement of a home-improvement odyssey like a lack of electrical outlets or worse, a too-short extension cord. Keep a UL Listed basic 25-foot extension cord on hand for electrical access or upgrade to a 100-foot cord for maximized length. These cords are durable, insulated for use with power tools and remain flexible in temperatures down to -40 degrees F. This Craftsman 50-foot retractable extension cord features four grounded outlets and a safety circuit breaker, plus the built-in cable management eliminates twisting. Best of all, the spool design has a rewind handle for fast and tidy pack-up and storage.

The humble screw is an ancient design. It’s the fastener that holds our world together, so never underestimate the tool that drives it. In all shapes and sizes, both Phillips head screwdrivers and flat-head screwdrivers are critical tools for any basic tool kit and are used everywhere. This durable Craftsman 8-piece screwdriver kit is a great way to make sure you always have the right size screwdriver. For a space-saving option, go with a multi-head device like this Milwaukee Tool 13-in-1 screwdriver. Different types of specialized screws require specific kinds of screwdrivers, such as these Carlyle T6 torx screwdrivers for torx security screws. Also, consider this Milwaukee Tool precision screwdriver set, which includes a #00 size for small tech repairs.

Powerful Tools for Every Projectgas pressure washer

One of the simplest ways to improve your home is a good, old-fashioned scrub down! As time passes, ultraviolet rays, dust, insects and even algae and smoke can build up on and stain siding, outdoor furniture and concrete driveways. The garden hose is rarely sufficient for a quality clean and the cost of hiring a service racks up quickly. Shop for a personal pressure washing system, so you can keep the outside of your home looking great and free of damage.

These versatile tools are powered either by electricity or gas and come in a variety of psi ratings that you can use to clean more than just siding and driveways. If you only need a great way to wash your vehicle, this NAPA electric pressure washer offers 1300 psi and a quick connect multi-directional nozzle. For a more robust, gas-powered cleaning, try this BE Power Equipment 3100-psi pressure washer with a 208cc gas engine and brass head axial pump with a preset unloader valve for low-maintenance use.

No home improvement kit is complete without a reliable power drill. Choosing the best option may take some research, but these days, many power tool systems are designed to utilize one common type of battery. Both DeWalt and Milwaukee Tool offer combo kits that feature multiple tools, as well as charging bases so you never get stuck with a dead battery. Additionally, consider a uniquely designed right angle drill for drilling in tight corners and hard-to-reach spaces.

Shop at your local NAPA Auto Parts store and check off your home improvement to-do list! When you sign up for NAPA Rewards, you get access to our members-only offers and special promotions. Get 1 Point for every $1 you spend. When you collect 100 points, you’ll automatically receive $5 off your next purchase.

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