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NAPA Introduces Premium Brembo Brakes

NAPA Introduces Premium Brembo Brakes

Emerging EV Tech: Brembo Brakes for Every Driver

For decades, Brembo brakes have remained synonymous with performance braking. At car shows, in the movies and on the track, vehicles installed with instantly recognizable red Brembo brake calipers clearly signal serious stopping power. Now, you can find the same braking technology that goes into track-proven, 6-piston Brembo brakes, which force your favorite race car to stop, available at NAPAonline and your favorite NAPA Auto Parts store plus have them applied at your local NAPA Auto Care center.

Brembo partnered with NAPA Auto Parts to bring superior braking performance to every driver. Sedan, pickup truck and SUV owners can advance up to Brembo brake pads and Brembo brake discs for an easy braking upgrade. EV owners, for instance those who drive a Telsa Model 3, can check out the Brembo brake kits in the Brembo Beyond line that are tailored to the stopping needs of electric vehicles. 

Regenerative brakes can help brake pads last longer, but corrosion can still put an early end to brake components. The Brembo Beyond EV Kit includes special Brembo brake pads and rotors designed for great stopping power with minimal environmental impact, while also offering superior corrosion protection. Also, Brembo ceramic brake pads are now available for a wide variety of vehicle applications. This line of brake pads doesn’t require a Brembo brake caliper, and these aftermarket brake parts work with your factory components. Of course, if you really want those red Brembo brake calipers you see in the Brembo brakes kit, they are available as well.

  • Brembo Essential is the perfect line for those who are seeking a first approach to replacement opportunities. This range includes brake drums, shoes and hydraulic components.
  • Brembo Prime, the premium line, is tailor-made for consumers who are seeking the best fit for their commuter sedan, personal pickup truck or light commercial vehicle. The Brembo Prime family consists of brake discs and brake pads.
  • Brembo Beyond embraces the company’s mission to become a solutions provider, improving the driving dynamics of new mobility vehicles, with a specific focus on sustainable solutions. This product family includes the Brembo Beyond EV kit, a new range of specially coated discs and innovative brake pads, which are quieter and more resistant to oxidation and corrosion, and therefore last longer. These advantages all contribute to the reduction of a vehicle’s environmental footprint.
  • Brembo Xtra is the ideal and best choice for passionate drivers who are looking for customization elements for their vehicles, as well as the specific characteristics of quality, reliability and performance typical of all Brembo products. Xtra includes drilled and slotted brake discs, high friction pads and new colored aluminum calipers.

So, if you are wondering where to buy Mustang Brembo brakes or Brembo brakes for any high-performance make or model, the answer is NAPA! And when you decide to buy that set of Brembo brakes and rotors, make sure to sign up for NAPA Rewards. For every $1 you spend at NAPAonline or a participating NAPA Auto Parts store, you get one Point. When you reach 100 Points, you get $5 off your next purchase automatically!

Brembo disc brake package

NAPA Chooses Brembo for Premium Brake Line

Brembo, the world leader and acknowledged innovator of brake technology, has partnered with NAPA Auto Parts to market its braking related parts and solutions throughout the United States. For one year, NAPA Auto Parts is also the preferred retailer of the Brembo Beyond EV kit. The program is available starting April 17.

“As America’s largest network of parts and care, this collaboration with Brembo is a natural extension for our product lines. We are pleased to further expand our offering of quality brake parts for all vehicles, including electric vehicles and emerging auto technology,” Cristina Perez, category director responsible for this NAPA Auto Parts offering said. “Partnering with the right suppliers to bring these solutions to our devoted customer base is so important, embracing emerging automotive technology while honoring the traditional vehicles that brought us here.”

Brembo’s premium replacement parts and solutions offer an innovative and unmatched level of technology through the company’s vast experience producing brake systems for all major car manufacturers around the globe. The Brembo Beyond kit will include a range of 32-part numbers for some of the most popular EV applications in Tesla models, the Nissan Leaf, Ford Mustang and more. With 6,000 NAPA Auto Parts stores and more than 18,000 NAPA Auto Care centers, accessibility to Brembo’s premium brake part offerings will expand on a vast scale at the retail and commercial levels across the United States.

“NAPA Auto Parts is an ideal partner for Brembo to market our replacement brake components throughout the country,” Greg Tackett, Brembo North America Aftermarket Director said. “We are confident that our premium aftermarket brake parts offer the best stopping solution from the most exotic and demanding vehicles to the everyday commuting driver throughout North America. We are proud and honored to partner with NAPA Auto Parts and their extensive commercial network to supply the end customers with Brembo’s complete line and unparallel offering in terms of quality, performance, and innovation. Brembo’s mission to provide the best driving and braking experience for customers is a vision that both NAPA Auto Parts and Brembo have embraced to deliver.”

Brembo and NAPA will offer a wide range of replacement braking solutions for repair centers, dealers and do-it-yourself mechanics available both online and at local NAPA Auto Parts store. Each Brembo product segment is designated to answer specific customer and vehicle needs plus features the highest quality, innovation and performance for which Brembo is renowned around the world.

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