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NAPA Mobile App: Brake Pads in 30 Seconds

NAPA mobile app update - free VIN scanner

The NAPA mobile app provides one of the quickest and easiest ways to find the right parts for your car or truck. Take brake pads, for example. I scanned the VIN on my vehicle, found a list of compatible brake pad choices and located a nearby store with the items in stock, all in under 30 seconds. To make the app even better, NAPA has just introduced several updates to improve usability and functionality.

The NAPA mobile app saves time and energy not only because it delivers quick search results, but it also gives users access to information while at the vehicle. The app helps save a trip inside to the computer desk to find or price parts. Colleen Romero, NAPA’s Director of Digital Marketing, said the mobile app’s portability is well-suited to the needs of both DIYers and pros.

“Mobile technology is so important for our space because we sell parts for vehicles,” Romero said. “This includes not only passenger vehicles but also heavy duty, marine, farm and agricultural, as well as tools and equipment. For the most part, these things are used outside and not in offices or in homes where computers typically live.”

NAPA mobile app update - home
The latest updates provide a better user experience. The new, simpler home screen on the right includes a larger search field and less clutter.

NAPA introduced the latest updates in response to users. The new version of the NAPA mobile app features a cleaner look and improved usability. A navigation menu, always accessible in the upper left corner of the screen, includes quick links to key features like the VIN scanner and store location tool. Parts categories are simplified for a better browsing experience, and a ratings prompt encourages users to submit feedback.

Romero said customer input was among NAPA’s motivations for the latest round of updates to the mobile app.

“We review feedback from users regularly and saw a lot of great ideas come in that we wanted to implement” Romero said. “Our customers have done a great job of helping us evolve our digital experience over the years. Mobile is challenging in the automotive aftermarket space because there is so much information involved – vehicle specifics, parts specifics, usage information, etc. There’s lots of information to serve up on a small screen.”

NAPA mobile app update - part search results
A cleaner layout means more space for search results and less scrolling. Once you find the parts you need, you can reserve those items for pickup in your local store.

The latest updates certainly make using the app easier, but Romero said she and her team intend to continue to improve it further in the future.

If you haven’t already downloaded the NAPA mobile app, get it now. Find the Android version at the Google Play Store or the iOS version at the Apple App Store. You’ll get the latest version, including the updates listed above. If you already have the app installed, update now to take advantage of the latest improvements.

NAPA mobile app update - find a part
Just browsing? The new category list shown on the right helps you zero in on the parts and supplies you want quickly.

Just as modern vehicles lean increasingly on new technology, so do our tools for repairing and maintaining them. The NAPA mobile app is an essential tool, providing a wealth of parts information that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. That’s serious utility from a tool that’s free and fits neatly in your pocket.

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