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Product Review: 3M Glass Cleaner

3M Glass Cleaner tinted auto glass exterior

Keeping your vehicle’s glass clean isn’t just a matter of appearance. Safety is an important factor, too. When dust, bugs and road grime build up on your car or truck’s windows, your visibility is reduced. Clean glass helps you to drive safely.

Obviously, a clean windshield is most important. For that, keep you vehicle’s washer fluid full, and be sure your wiper blades are fresh. Drivers of SUVs, hatchbacks and wagons with a rear wiper can maintain good visibility with a good blade and plenty of washer fluid there, too.

3M Glass Cleaner exterior side mirrors visibility - NAPA Know How blog
Safety first: keep your vehicle’s glass and mirrors clean for better visibility and improved safety for all.

Of course, not all your vehicle’s glass has washers and wipers, so you’ll have to clean side windows, mirrors and inside glass by hand. Even where you do have wipers, frequent removal of dirt and grit can help your washers to be more effective and your wipers to last longer.

I recently tried out 3M’s Glass Cleaner, a foaming product available at NAPA. Sold in a 19-oz. aerosol can, this glass cleaner is safe for tinted windows and won’t harm paint. 3M suggests using it on other surfaces, too, including chrome and interior plastic.

3M Glass Cleaner and microfiber towel - NAPA Know How blog
For lint-free results, use a microfiber detail cloth instead of paper towels. 3M’s detail cloth is machine-washable and reusable, too.

The instructions are simple. Shake the can, spray the product onto the surface and wipe with a paper towel or microfiber detail cloth. We tried both. The microfiber detail cloth offered the advantage of lint-free results.

3M Glass Cleaner automotive visibility - NAPA Know How blog
Just spray and wipe clean. Be sure to shake the can first, though. If you don’t, the product will remain liquid instead of foaming up.

The aerosol can and foaming action are handy. 3M Glass Cleaner doesn’t run on vertical surfaces like side windows or drip when cleaning interior sides of windshields or even a moonroof. The foam also allows you to dispense just the right amount, so waste is minimal.

The product features listed on the label include “streak-free shine,” a claim I tested on this vehicle’s interior plastic and chrome. The results were impressive. I even achieved a lint-free and  streak-free shine on the clear plastic of my vehicle’s instrument panel.

3M Glass Cleaner moonroof interior - NAPA Know How blog
Because it’s an aerosol foam, the glass cleaner stays in place. I cleaned the inside of this vehicle’s moonroof without any dripping. Keep the doors open when cleaning interior glass as the smell can be strong in heavy use.

After cleaning glass on two vehicles, I decided to try the product inside the house. I cleaned the glass on the front door, bathroom mirrors, chrome faucets and a microwave. Without spraying any cleaner on the machine, I wiped down my laptop with the microfiber cloth damp with glass cleaner.

Give this 3M Glass Cleaner a try on your vehicle or around the house. Let us know what you think, or what creative uses you’ve found for it, in the comments below.

3M Glass Cleaner household uses - NAPA Know How blog
3M Glass Cleaner is just as useful around the house as it is around the garage or driveway.

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