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The Top 5 Best Jeep Accessories

Customized Jeep

Since the day they were created, Jeeps have always been a fan favorite among car enthusiasts. Even if you prefer speed and performance, there’s no denying the off-road and bad weather capabilities of a Jeep. With an exploding aftermarket segment, sifting through and deciding on the best Jeep accessories to buy can feel like a daunting task.
Customized Jeep on the Trail
So whether your goal is to build a killer off-roader or a mall crawler, here’s a quick look at the first five accessories you should consider, to customize your Jeep.

1. Breathe Easy

Even if you don’t plan to take your Jeep off-roading, custom reusable air filters are always a great, inexpensive upgrade that you can do yourself. Aftermarket filters provide a higher level of protection for your engine and also increase fuel economy. Since they’re also reusable, they typically last the life of your rig and, in most cases, just drop into place where your old filter was housed.

2. Hit the Skids

When it comes to off-roading, the front of your Jeep will endure the brunt of the abuse, especially underneath. Skid plates are considered by many to be the most crucial part to beef up before you hit the trails. They are custom fit to your model year and offer added protection to sensitive areas, such as the oil pan, steering box and fuel tank.

3. Which Winch?

No matter your prowess behind the wheel of your Jeep, you’ll get stuck eventually. So it’s always a smart idea to install a winch, just in case. This motorized cable system mounts to the front of your Jeep and can provide a variety of recovery, safety and utility uses. It can also give your ride that undeniable “go anywhere” look many Jeep owners enjoy.

4. Wall To Wall

Much like changing the air filter, keeping the inside of your vehicle protected spans a broad spectrum of uses for Jeep owners, which makes all-weather mats and liners a top choice for new owners. All-weather floor mats, as well as trunk and floor liners, are made of highly durable vinyl material and are custom fit to your model.

5. Lockdown (beadlock)

If you’re planning on doing some serious off-roading, beadlocks are a necessity. By securing the bead of the tire to the wheel, this style of rim not only gives your Jeep a more aggressive look but also allows you to lower the air pressure in the tires for off-roading without them coming off the rim. In addition, it will keep you on the move even if you get a puncture on the trail.

Without a doubt, Jeeps are versatile vehicles that just scream to be upgraded and given their owner’s personal touch. But before you investigate the feasibility of strapping nitro-boosted engines to your rig, you should probably start with some of the more basic, but no less important, upgrades listed above.

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