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Trunk Organizers: Do You Need One?

Are trunk organizers worth the money?

As a car owner, you may experience a slow accumulation of necessary and “what if” items in your trunk over time. It can be frustrating, either having to locate something you know is back there or making room for transporting a larger object on occasion. Trunk organizers offer solutions to these problems and several more. Although it might sound like one more thing to add to the pile, in these modern, hectic times, it could save you valuable space and energy.

What’s in Your Trunk?

There are a number of reasons to try out one of the many trunk organizers on the market, but they vary by person depending on vehicle style and overall purpose. Considering the number of manufacturer produced and aftermarket options available, it’s a good idea to narrow down your search based on your specific needs. What type of vehicle and existing trunk space do you have? What are your biggest needs, organizationally speaking? Or another way to look at it: What is in your trunk right now? Answering these questions will give you a head start to figuring out whether an organizer is something you’d benefit from using.

Storage Units

Maybe you own a sedan and make frequent trips to the grocery store. You might be best suited to a collapsible organizer with flexible but sturdy dividers to keep those apples and oranges from rolling around on the way home. Or perhaps you have a proliferation of objects such as jumper cables, laundry detergent and the like that have made a permanent home there. You may be interested in a more solid construction with bigger cubbies to store your things in, and you should devote a bit of time to organizing your items by purpose (or whatever storage theme you like).

The last group may well benefit the most from a trunk organizer — those without trunks at all. SUVs and hatchbacks may have the room to store things, but they lack efficient containment. Moreover, they lack the privacy of a trunk; everything in the back is on display. If this is you, definitely check out storage options that include lids.

Prioritize to CustomizeTrunk Organizers: Worth the Money or Waste of Space?

Many standard collapsible organizers include movable or removable dividers that allow you to customize based on your needs, whether you’re grocery shopping or driving a car full of kids and their gear to softball practice. As advised earlier, choosing a unit with a lid is a solid choice for anyone without a trunk, but it’s about more than just privacy. In case of a sudden stop or accident, a cover will prevent objects inside from becoming airborne hazards and will help contain a mess if anything is broken or tipped over inside.

Once you’ve decided which features are important to you, you must keep in mind proper fit. Always check the dimensions of the organizer against the available space in your car, as aftermarket options vary widely.

Whether it’s safety, privacy or just plain handy organization, trunk organizers certainly never hurt as an option. And with so many options at different price points, it’s easy enough to get what you want without breaking the bank. Happy organizing!

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