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Types of Tool Boxes

Types of Tool Boxes

From Technical to Tactical, NAPA Has It All

Most people who have a trade or hobby that requires working with handheld tools and equipment are familiar with the ongoing battle between inadequate storage and proper organization. The daunting sensation that your work area, storage system or garage is simply too messy to deal with can easily keep you from doing what you love. After all, who wants to waste time digging through mismatched storage containers searching for missing tools?

The experts at NAPA know that getting your tools and equipment organized and stored properly is the first step to a job done right. It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy tradesperson, a contractor, an artist, a mobile mechanic or just love the occasional home garage project; the NAPA Network carries multiple types of tool boxes and organization solutions to get your essentials conveniently organized just the way you need them.

A Place for Every Thing, and Every Thing in Its Place

A tool box can go by many names: tool chest, tool kit or work box. These terms refer to everything from small, portable cases with handles and a few compartments that allow the user to carry their tools to and from a jobsite all the way to large chests that feature multiple tiers and dozens of drawers that remain in a workshop, but often feature casters so you can easily relocate them around the space. When choosing the right tool box for your needs, you should start with the basic facts. Ask yourself a few questions to get a better idea of where to begin:

  1. What type of work are you doing?
  2. What size, weight and shape are the tools or equipment you will be storing and organizing?
  3. Should your tool box be portable or mostly stationary?

For example, a mobile mechanic doing on-call automotive repairs would benefit from a portable, lightweight tool caddy or tool organizer that can house and organize tools like screwdrivers, ratchets and wrenches. Contractors might benefit from a larger tool box that can securely store electric hand tools like drills and saws. Possibly even a vehicle-mounted tool box is the best option for this type of work.

Tool Boxes for TrucksDeflecta-Shield Ultima Gull Wing Truck Toolbox

There’s nothing quite like taking your work with you on the road, especially when you have all the tools you need in the bed of your Ford F350 Super Duty or Toyota Tacoma. In fact, easy access to tools and equipment is crucial to contracting and home service work. Most people are familiar with vehicle-mounted tool boxes, but not everyone knows how many options are available. In fact, truck tool boxes are one of the most versatile and secure tool storage solutions on the market.

You can install truck tool boxes, or truck boxes, in several different areas of your pickup truck bed depending on your year, make, model and what other items you need to store. They come in a variety of materials, including steel (perfect for heavy-duty service), aluminum (reliable rigidity without much added weight) and industrial plastic (a great lightweight option).Additionally, you can install a crossover-style truck tool box directly behind the cab of your truck, which sits above the bed rails leaving space between the bottom of the box and the bed of the truck for storage of other items. If you prefer a box that doesn’t install directly behind your truck cab, or one that you can install along with a crossover-style, check out the side-mount tool box options or even specialty tool boxes that install over the wheel wells or on the 5th wheel.

No matter the style, most models of these vehicle-mounted tool boxes lock securely and are weather resistant, so you can feel confident your tools are safely stored and conveniently organized in the bed of your truck. NAPA is proud to offer these strong, reliable tool storage options from top-selling brand names like Dee Zee, BAK and Deflecta-Shield.

Let’s Roll!

While some people need to take their tools along for the ride, many others require a reliable storage and organization solution for their home garage, workshop or studio. NAPA carries many smaller tool cases and tool storage systems that can sit on a countertop or work bench, but sometimes there’s no match for a sturdy tool chest or tool cabinet from the biggest-selling names in the business: Craftsman Tool Boxes, Carlyle Tools, Homak, Milwaukee Tool and more.

These versatile cabinets are essential for any home mechanic, handy person or anyone who enjoys doing a job themselves. They feature multiple locking drawers in a wide range of sizes for all types of tools that open and close with silky-smooth and quiet actuation. Best of all, many models are stackable for personalized organization plus some have casters so you can relocate them all around your work space. You can also customize them by adding a variety of tool holders and organizers or add a layer of tool chest liner to keep the drawers clean and prevent your tools from sliding. Furthermore, many models of tool carts can double as a work bench so you always have a convenient surface on which to work.

Rock Your PACKOUT!

The word is out—modular rolling tool storage systems are the next big thing in tool portability and organization. Milwaukee Tool leads the pack with their PACKOUT system that starts with a rugged rolling tool box crafted with impact-resistant polymer. From there, you can add on any number of the brand’s modular storage units, which easily fit together with a secure mechanism, so they can go with you just about anywhere.

From start to finish, these portable tool kits are designed so that they are weather and impact resistant, which provides optimal durability. Additionally, they are complete with sturdy metal hardware that resists corrosion. The comfortable handles and oversized closures make transport and operation a breeze. Compartments range in size from large crates to smaller detachable cubbies for hardware like nuts, bolts and screws. You can even top off your PACKOUT system with entertainment options like coolers, radios and Bluetooth speakers.

It’s time to get your tools and equipment organized, safely and securely stored and ready to go with you! Shop NAPAOnline for all the useful, fully-customizable tool storage and organization options NAPA has to offer and enjoy Free One-Day Shipping!

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