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What Is a Remote Oil Filter?

Close-up of an engine oil filter

When you pop the hood of your newer vehicle, can you see an oil filter? Probably not. More auto manufacturers are tucking oil filters into out-of-the-way places near the middle or bottom of the engine. Because of this, you should consider installing a remote filter.

What Is a Remote Oil Filter?Modern engine

A remote oil filter is a DIYer’s dream. Nowadays, most vehicles need some car parts removed in order to do a simple oil and filter change. A remote filter is a smart solution, making work on your oil system much easier and quicker. Even if you’re not a huge DIYer, it’s a great idea to install a remote filter. It can help out your mechanic, who will appreciate not having to take things apart to get to your oil filter and then put them back together afterwards, making oil and filter changes much quicker.

How Do You Install a Remote Oil Filter?

To install a remote oil filter, you first need a remote oil filter mounting kit. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Drain the oil just like you’re doing a standard oil and filter change.
  2. Place an adapter where the filter was.
  3. Find a place where the filter fits and can be accessed easily, and mount a bracket there.
  4. Connect the adapter to the oil filter in its new, more accessible location with hoses, fittings and gaskets.

Is Installing a Remote Oil Filter a DIY Job?

Whether this is a job you want to do yourself or take to a mechanic depends on your skill and experience. While the instructions are simple, you’re doing this because things are crowded and hard to access in the space around the engine. You’ll be installing a mounting bracket with the remote filter on it and routing the hoses through some critical space between point A and point B. Bottom line is, if any of that makes you a little nervous, have a pro do it.

Ultimately, though, a remote filter is a no-brainer for vehicles where access is problematic. It saves time on every oil change, so you can spend more of it enjoying your vehicle.

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