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What Kind Of Truck Oil Should I Put In My Pickup?

Pickup truck on dirt. Choosing the right motor oil for your pickup truck can be a difficult task. From extreme heat, towing, and long highway miles, your truck's engine needs good oil.

Truck oil plays a key role in the performance of your pickup. It dissipates heat, keeps the engine lubricated, and shields it from damage. Choosing the right type of oil can do a great deal to preserve the life of your truck’s engine.

The two main types of truck oil are conventional and synthetic. What kind of oil should you use in your truck? Let’s take a look at what each type of oil has to offer.

The Scoop on Conventional Motor Oil

Made using crude oil, conventional motor oil has been in existence almost since the dawn of the combustion engine. Because of Truckits crude-oil base, this type of oil comes with a certain level of inherent impurities, and this can compromise the way in which your engine performs. However, additives are available that can mitigate the effects of these impurities, thus improving engine performance.

The biggest advantage offered by conventional truck oil is cost. It’s significantly cheaper than synthetic oil.

Conventional oil may be perfectly acceptable in a hatchback, coupe, or sedan. However, if you have a truck that’s used for towing, this type of oil is less effective than synthetic oil at providing the protection needed to keep the engine safe and sound.

The Skinny on Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic motor oil is made from raw materials such as mineral oil. This oil first hit the scene right after World War II, and it’s experienced an upswing in popularity over the past few years. Synthetic oil doesn’t have as many impurities as conventional oil, and this brings performance advantages. It’s able to withstand higher temperatures than conventional oil, and this allows it to last longer.

Towing can be hard on an engine, and conventional oil can fall short of delivering adequate performance in this situation. Synthetic oil offers the necessary protection for engines that are tasked with towing heavy loads.

This type of oil has the goods to deliver solid protection in vehicles that are being driven in extreme heat. Synthetic oil also fares well when it’s frigid outside. In cold temperatures, this type of oil flows better than conventional oil, and this can reduce engine wear. Additionally, synthetic oil does a better job than conventional oil of diminishing engine friction, and this can lead to better gas mileage.

If you’re using additives to reduce sludge buildup in your truck’s engine, they’ll last longer when used with synthetic motor oil. That’s because this type of oil doesn’t break down as quickly as conventional motor oil.

Synthetic motor oil can be more expensive than conventional oil. However, if you have a truck, it’s worth the investment. This type of oil provides the protection needed by your pickup’s engine during towing. It may also help you optimize your truck’s fuel economy.

Summing Up

The type of motor oil that’s best for your vehicle will depend on the demands placed on its engine. For a pickup that faces challenges such as towing, synthetic truck oil is the way to go.

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