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5 Must-Haves for Your Car Office (Office on the Go)

A person looks at a phone while sitting at a traditional workstation with a laptop.

Coffee and laptopIf you’re on the go, then a car office might be something you want to consider setting up. Whether it’s taking calls or catching up on emails, there are times when you end up doing work from your car. Especially if you frequently end up waiting for your kids or have to travel for work, a good setup can make life easier. Here are five must-have items for your car office.

1. Car Desk

Sure, you can juggle your laptop on your lap, but a stable surface can do wonders for your productivity. Using a device mount not only keeps your laptop secure, but it also makes it possible to be more ergonomically positioned. Look for one that lets you angle the laptop for optimum use and is easy to remove for those times when you have a front-seat passenger.

2. Wi-Fi

It’s almost impossible to get work done without a good internet connection. Depending on your smartphone plan, you may be able to tether a laptop or tablet to your device to use it as a hot spot, but there are other options. Some vehicles now have built-in Wi-Fi capability. These may come with a monthly fee but are worth it if you frequently need internet access when you’re on the go.

3. Snack Cooler or Mini Fridge

Rather than grabbing a random snack at the local convenience store, get yourself a small cooler or a minifridge. That way, you can pack something healthy and nutritious to eat before you hit the road and keep it cool until you’re hungry. Make sure there’s enough room for both snacks and your favorite beverages so you can stay fueled throughout the day.

4. Charging Cables

Be sure you have the necessary charging cables to keep your phone, laptop, tablet and any other devices plugged in and charging. There’s nothing worse than having a battery go dead right at the moment you need to send a crucial email or make an important call. Keep an extra cable or two in your center console so you’re not stuck if one goes bad when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

5. Mobile Printer

A mobile printer is a convenient thing to have if you deal in paper documents or need to review something tangible. It can be a hassle trying to go through a large document on a small screen in your car, especially if you’re toggling between tabs or apps. If you can print that document, it may make it easier to read and reference while you do other tasks.

A car office can make your life easier by letting you work on the go rather than having to do everything from home or the office. Equipping it with these simple items can make working from your car easier and help you use your time more efficiently.

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