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6 Game-Changing Garage Accessories

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Your garage is more than just a spot to keep your vehicles safe from the elements. It is a Swiss Army Knife structure that can be anything you want it to be. A garage is an ever evolving project of its own that changes as time goes by, so don’t be afraid to swap out a few  new accessories for garage rehab time. Whether you are just starting out in a new space or refreshing an existing garage, we’ve found a few game-changing garage accessories that can make a big difference in how you use the space you have.

Garage Shelving

Garage storage shelves should be at the top of everyone’s list. Floor space is limited so it only makes sense to go upward. Garage shelving ideas are varied, but there are a few standard garage shelving solutions to consider. The most common are garage shelving units you get from your local NAPA store. These units are quick to assemble and available in different sizes to fit your space needs. The second option is DIY garage shelves custom made for your space. If you go this route it is best to do a good bit of planning before picking up the hammer. Build a bit stronger than you think you will need so you don’t end up with a mess on the floor if things go wrong. Whether you buy or build  garage shelves you will be shocked at how fast they fill up, so don’t be surprised if the itch to add more garage shelving units happens quickly.

Garage Storage Bins

A place for everything and everything in its place! Using bins for garage storage changes everything. There is a world of garage organization bins on the market from little briefcase organizers perfect for hardware to cavernous storage lockers big enough for power tools and all their accessories. Stackable garage storage bins are all the rage now for good reason. They make excellent use of space while also making it easy to transport several units at once. When picking storage bins for garage use make sure they are sturdy enough to survive getting banged around. The storage bins you use for household items won’t likely last long with a disassembled mower engine rattling around inside. Once you have your stuff in the appropriate bins do yourself a favor and label them.

Garage Work BenchGarage Work Bench

A work bench can be as basic as a few boards on a sturdy base or as fancy as a modular garage work bench with storage built-in. Garage work bench ideas all depend on your needs. The most important thing is that the surface is resilient and solid to withstand whatever work you plan to do on it. A repurposed old kitchen table will work fine if you are just tinkering with kids toys or the occasional household repair. But if you plan on rebuilding transmission or pounding stubborn parts into submission a steel topped work bench is just the ticket. Wood is a traditional material for garage work benches as it takes abuse well and is easy to modify for mounting things like a vise or bench grinder. Just like the previously mentioned garage shelving you can pick up a ready-to-assembly work bench from NAPA, or if you are handy you can make your own custom work bench to fit your needs. If you go the custom route take the same advice as shelving and build a bit stronger than you think you need.

Garage Wall Storage

While garage shelves are great because sometimes there just isn’t enough space to put a shelving unit against the wall. Or maybe an item is too unwieldy to stick on a shelf. That is where creative garage wall storage systems come into play. The simplest garage wall storage ideas are just various size hooks and hangers. Sure you can just hammer a 16-penny nail in the wall, but a proper hook will hold things far more securely. For the next step in flexibility try mounting a sheet of pegboard to the wall and grabbing an assortment of peg board hooks.  Wall mounted garage storage is great for areas like above a work bench or next to the car where you can’t quite fit shelves but still need a spot to store yard tools. Regardless of what garage wall storage system you choose, make absolutely sure it is anchored solidly into the wall studs.

Garage Toolbox

A defining moment in building a garage work space is acquiring a free-standing toolbox for garage use. There’s something magical about having a “home base” for all your tools. Of course there are endless options for garage toolboxes, but the standard setup is a rolling base cabinet with a top tool chest. You can find everything from narrow 27″ wide toolboxes that can fit almost anywhere to gigantic 72″ wide monsters that demand their own designated space. Picking the best garage toolbox for your needs is important. First consider your available space including access to the toolbox itself. It’s no good to have a toolbox with drawers you can’t open because your car bumper is nose-to-nose with it. Then take stock of your current (and future) tool needs. If you love to organize your tools then you will need more space than you think, so reserve a drawer or two to spread things out. Once you have your tools safely tucked away in their new home label all the drawers.

LED Garage Lights

Garage LED lighting has made massive leaps forward in just a short amount of time. LED work lights started replacing CFLs years ago, but full-blown LED garage light fixtures were not ready for the masses yet. That is no longer the case. The simplest route to garage LED lighting is just removing your old incandescent screw-in bulbs from your existing garage light fixtures and screwing in LED replacements. Thanks to the low power requirements of LED technology one of the most popular garage lighting ideas is multiple LED shop lights linked “daisy chain” style to a single power source. This makes it easier to add lighting coverage to a large area without having to rewire or add outlets.

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