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A Permanent Fix for Chrysler V6 Leaking Oil Filter Housings

A Permanent Fix for Chrysler V6 Leaking Oil Filter Housings

ItNAPA Solutions logo’s no secret vehicle manufacturers love to use plastic whenever they can. And why not? It’s inexpensive, can be made into virtually any shape, and surprisingly durable for most uses. While those qualities make it exceptionally versatile, even in direct contact with metal engine parts, some parts are just better suited to metal construction.

The oil filter housing on many Chrysler Pentastar V6-powered vehicles is a perfect example. Pentastars are found in a wide range of vehicles, from Chrysler minivans to Jeep Wranglers to Ram pickup trucks displacing either 3.2L or 3.6L. The V6 is an all-purpose pinch-hitter, installed in longitudinal- and transverse-mount applications. The oil filter housing, which lives beneath the intake in the engine’s valley, also serves as a base for the oil cooler and contains some complex passages for coolant. It’s in a particularly hot area and has harsh chemicals running through it under pressure. The original equipment design is an impressive piece of engine architecture, injection molded from tough polypropylene and conveniently located to serve up the oil filter front and center for quick, easy maintenance.Chrysler V6 Leaking Oil Filter Housings

But repeated heat cycles eventually take their toll on critical mating surfaces, leading to your Chrysler V6 leaking oil where the housing mates to the engine. By about 85,000 miles, the leaks can often be substantial enough to risk significant oil loss, not to mention the unpleasant sight and smell of dripping oil. Overtightening the oil filter cap during oil changes can also lead to a cracked housing, adding another potential point of leakage.

Replacing the housing, even with a new OE part, virtually ensures the problem will return eventually, especially as owners hold onto their vehicles longer and pile more miles on than ever before.Aluminum oil filter housing

The only permanent solution is this aftermarket-exclusive NAPA Solutions oil filter housing crafted entirely from aluminum to prevent the warping that causes leaks in the OE design. This precision-engineered replacement part bolts to the engine just like the plastic factory original but maintains its dimensional stability for a lifetime of reliable, leak-free service.

This upgraded NAPA Advantage assembly arrives ready to install with new mounting gaskets and manifold gaskets so there’s no need to save the old gaskets or order new ones. Give yourself the peace of mind that this is the last time you will need to replace this critical part.

Check out all the oil filters available on NAPAonline or trust one of our 17,000 NAPA Auto Care locations for routine maintenance and repairs. For more information on Chrysler V6 leaking oil filter housings, chat with a knowledgeable expert at your local NAPA Auto Parts store.

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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