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Best Camping Accessories

Best Camping Accessories

The Greatest Camping Accessories for Your Road Trip

Where would you be without an outdoor kitchen set, bear spray or backup fire starter? Having all the gear and supplies you need for a terrific camping road trip or last-minute adventure is ideal for making unforgettable memories. Our expert product picks will keep you from forgetting even the smallest tools. After all, it’s the little things that make sleeping outdoors enjoyable. Car_Camping

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced camper or a novice at best; connecting to electricity while camping is a luxury that blends modern technology into a rustic camping experience without draining your truck battery. A portable power bank, power inverter (DC-to-AC converter) and transportable jump starter are all viable options that offer varying energy ranges. Remember, battery and alternator health are key, so if you’re using car electricity somewhere remote, take jumper cables or a full charging pack with you. 

Summertime calls for outdoor vehicle camping accessories like this detachable awning. Our experts advise that you stay fueled up and consider taking along a car-safe gas can just in case plus check your tire pressure before setting out and make sure to pack along tire-changing tools. And, as always, postpone your trip if dangerous weather develops.

When packing supplies for car camping, a time-tested favorite is a flashlight and rechargeable LED lamp, which includes three brightness settings and a USB charging port. Nature’s light source, the fire, is also a necessity, but you will need some specific supplies to keep it lit depending on the season and climate conditions. Having a flint striker for guaranteed sparks ensures you can start an organic fire with sticks and kindling. If conditions are bitterly cold, the butane in a standard lighter won’t vaporize, rendering the device unusable. Matches can also get wet, so stay prepared with a flint striker for emergencies.

Including some comforts of home makes caravanning a winning experience for everyone. Check out this portable BBQ Grill, a few folding chairs and a foldaway table. Maybe you have some rowdy friends tagging along for a weekend getaway? Consider having a fire blanket, fire suppressant, first aid kit and emergency flare or an all-inclusive roadside emergency vehicle set. Above all, have a running checklist split into three categories: the necessities category for absolute needs, the good-to-have category for safety preparedness and the like-to-have category for the glamping enthusiast and voyagers looking to entertain friends and kids. 

The Ultimate Vehicle Camping Gear List for the Ultra-Prepared Trekker

In recent years, it’s become popular to have your personal SUV, Jeep or pickup truck act as your tent, which is a comforting and convenient option. Because of this, aftermarket automotive parts companies like NAPA stock a whole line of vehicle camping accessories that do not disappoint. 

Tools and supplies from automotive brands like Lucas Oil are also ideal for camping activities, such as hunting and fishing. Stock up on some fishing reel oil to keep your fresh and saltwater fishing reels moving; plus, it doubles as folding knife lubricant. Also, grab a can of automotive spray paint to mark dangerous passes or to trace your way back from dense, unexplored territory. You can even take along a Zippo hand warmer to keep you cozy. 

The best recreational accessories can be as simple as having some tunes playing or your hometown game broadcasted while on the hiking trail. Go for this Radio + Charger from Milwaukee Tool, which offers 10 hours of run time with Bluetooth connectivity. The nature-lover in you might set out on a cave exploration or lose track of time while hitting the trails on your mountain bike before sunset. In which case, you’ll be glad to have an LED headlamp, which can also serve as an under-hood work light if you need to fix your off-road monster in the dark. 

The best gear for vehicle camping includes essentials we don’t consider until it’s urgent. Yes, you’ll need a folding shovel to bury away the potty stink! A hand-held air horn can keep bears and dangerous animals away from your campsite. And no camping list is complete without a backpack cooler, waterproof dry bag and multiuse tarp.

Who knew shopping for camping gear with your trusted automotive experts could be so exciting? For more tips and tricks on getting the right camping gear for your mountain bike ride, hunting trip or kayaking adventure, chat with an expert at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store

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