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Best LED Headlights And LED Lighting Options

Best LED Headlights And LED Lighting Options

NAPA Shopping Guide: Best LED Headlights And LED Lighting Options

You’re probably wondering what the best LED (light-emitting diode) headlights money can buy are, and how to distinguish the subtle differences. Well, you’ve come to the right place because the NAPA experts have devised a shopping guide for the best-LED headlights, highlighting the most modern innovations in headlight technology. 

LED Headlights vs. Halogen Headlights vs. HID headlights

What makes LED headlights a superior option, and why do people choose them? The answers are simple but important:

  1. LEDs offer a higher lumen count, so you get a brighter, truer light.
  2. Depending on the type of LED lights, you get increased range and beam pattern.
  3. LED lights use less power than HID (high-intensity discharge or Xenon) headlights.
  4. LED lights produce less heat than their incandescent bulb counterparts and last far longer, requiring less-frequent replacement and saving you money. 
  5. LED lights dim rather than burn out entirely, so you’re less likely to be stuck with a single headlight.

Drivers are choosing LEDs because they produce less heat than their incandescent bulb counterparts, and do not burn out. LEDs still dim over a prolonged period of time, but they can also last a lot longer, which means you won’t need to replace headlamps as often, saving you money in the long term. 

Additionally, LED lights use less power than HID (high-intensity discharge or xenon headlights). They also sport a higher lumen count, which increases range and beam pattern, depending on the type. Remember that if your vehicle did not come with a LED headlight housing unit, you would need first to switch the housing for safety reasons. 

How Do I Choose The Best LEDs?NAPA NightVision LED H11 Bright White Headlight / FogLight Bulb

Choosing the best LED headlights begins with determining the beam type. Understanding the beam type helps set you on the right path for purchasing the best-LED work lights, trailer lights or headlights for your off-road pickup truck or full-sized SUV. Beam types include high/low beam, strictly low beam, medium beam, exclusively high beam, lights with a long-life extension, flood lights and multi-purpose LED light bulbs. There are also differing amperage ratings, voltage levels, color temperatures, varying bulb base types and usages like turn signals, taillights, headlights, brake lights or side markers. 

When shopping for the best LED headlights, consider their specific function. Usually, you rely on your headlights at night and while driving in inclement weather conditions. The NAPA NightVision H11 Bright White Headlight and FogLight Bulb (H11/H8/H9/H16) comes in a two-pack. They will keep your path lit at night and in foggy weather. These premium LED fog lamps have an in-line control module for 12-volt compatibility, an ultra-white 6,000K color at 1,900 lumens, up to 1,200 life hours and thermal protection for your safety. These NightVision headlights also come generously backed by an industry-leading 5-Year Warranty. 

What Are The Different Types Of LEDs?

Light strip LED technology is a flexible way to add brightness along your garage stairways, under cabinets or behind your television. Around the holidays, you’re also sure to find LED Christmas lights. As you shop around, you’ll also encounter dimmable LEDs, energy-star-certified LED options, LED security lights and smart LED bulbs to suit all of your lighting needs. The options for LEDs is endless, whether you’re searching for warmer tones, cooler looks or color-changing technology. Seamlessly connect up to eight LED shop lights together for energy savings in your home, office or workspace.

There are also lesser-known LED lights (or at least their technical names aren’t as prevalent) that you might need, like the Chip On Board (COB) LEDs, which use a high-powered chip with multiple diodes and are extremely sophisticated. COBs are the brightest out of these lesser-known LEDs, and usually come in a pack of nine or so. They sport great energy output, but cannot emit a range of colors. carries COB LEDs, one of which is the Light-N-Carry LED COB light, which is ideal for building sites in industrial environments. This product has a 1,000-lumen maximum output. It also has a 180˚ swivel action magnet mounting and a USB power supply, which is protected against dust and water for your convenience. 

Dual Inline Package (DIP LEDs) are actually the original LED chips that are very small. They are often found inside electronics, and are not high-powered lights. Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD LEDs) are usually found on a circuit board, and are actually one of the most common LED chips on the market. They are certainly brighter than DIPs and are even smaller, but more versatile regarding how they can be encased. This is an excellent option for creating a range of different colors. SMD LEDs are often used in electronics and strip lighting.  

Common types of LED headlights include fog lights for improved night vision. Take the NAPA NightVision LED H11 Bright White Headlight/Fog Light Bulb, for example. The two-pack specialty bulb features an in-line control module with 12-volt compatibility. For up to 1,200 life hours, this NightVision LED headlight shines an ultra-white 6000k color from 1,900 lumens includes thermal protection and a great 5-Year Warranty. It is considered an H11 bulb with 55 watts, which is a high/low beam bulb. 

Whether you need a good truck LED light signal or an additional turn signal, you can get the quality you’ve been craving with additions like the state-of-the-art Maxi Trac Perfect Additions Light in Black. This unit sports a 50,000-hour life expectancy, and it offers Bluetooth connectivity. The Maxi Trac line also carries a sturdy LED light bar, which features 40 LED lights, each protected by a Lifetime Warranty with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. The NAPA Lightning By Truck-Lite Signal is a worldwide leader in advanced LED lighting solutions and offers 12Vs of yellow LED light, ready to be installed via a mount through the ID bar. 

Shop NAPA’s assortment of headlights to find everything you need for your specific vehicle make and model from brands you trust, like DEPO, Dorman and several direct OEM replacements. Interested in learning more about HID vs. LED headlights? Take a moment and read: HID VS. LED Headlights: What’s The Difference? 

Additional Lights: How To Choose The Best LED Lightbulbs

If you just need to switch out your automotive lightbulbs, NAPA has some fantastic options, from the miniature two-pack LEDs that meet or exceed OEM specifications to the one-pack H11B headlight light bulb that comes designed to last at least 50 percent longer than standard bulbs (and remain reliable under harsh conditions). Need an affordable fog light bulb that is still high quality? Look into the NightVision LED Bright White Sealed Beam lightbulb replacement—a great ultrabright option with a glass lens, durable powder-coated aluminum housing and DOT certification. 

External Lights: In The Market For A Great LED Trailer Lighting Kit?

We’ve got the perfect LED unit for you. The squarely designed, seven-function trailer lighting kit can be used as a brake light, tail light or turning signal lamp. It is manufactured to create increased stopping distance for motorists behind your trailer.

If you’ve ever wondered how to brighten up your visibility, read: How To Clean Headlights At Home. To order all the parts you need and connect to our professionals from the palm of your hand, download the NAPA KNOW HOW App today! And, NAPA Auto Parts now offers NAPA Rewards. Get one Point for every $1 you spend! Sign up today and save.

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