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NAPA Auto Care: Tire Services & Wheel Repair

NAPA Auto Care: Tire Services & Wheel Repair

Tire Services & Wheel Repair

When it comes to tire rotation, wheel hub and bearing replacement, tire balancing and even TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensor replacement, a local NAPA Auto Care center is your one-stop-shop. Trust NAPA for reliable service, quality parts and a Peace of Mind Warranty. NAPA technicians will inspect, rotate and balance your tires, and when it’s time to replace them, we can recommend the correct size for your drivetrain and the kind of tires your driving conditions require. Remember, our experts are here to answer any questions, so you can feel confident about your vehicle’s maintenance. 

Signs & Symptoms of Needing Tire Service or Wheel Balancing

Knowing you need a tire service or wheel balancing is the first step to maintaining your vehicle. If you hear the wheels grinding or a humming with unusual noises, it’s time to take a closer look. 

If your wheels are not oriented correctly, it could cause your steering to misalign, making it difficult for you to maintain control of your moving vehicle. Is there uneven wear on your tires—where one or two have more shallow tread—or areas where the rubber is smooth and bald? This indicates you need a tire or wheel alignment service. 

Additional Signs You Need a Tire or Wheel Service:

  1. Hydroplaning in the rain
  2. Brakes wearing out faster than expected
  3. Abnormal vibrations while driving
  4. Poorer gas mileage than normal
  5. A tire blows out unexpectedly

Specific Symptoms Indicating a Need for a Wheel Bearing Replacement?

A failing wheel bearing can cause a rumbling noise while turning and driving at speeds greater than 15 miles per hour. Wheel bearings need replaced if they are worn, loose or leaking during related repairs or inspections. Beware of common misdiagnoses, which can include noisy tires caused by uneven wear.

Additionally, the camber angle, caster angle and toe angle can become misaligned. Camber angle is the vertical tilt on the side of your wheel in comparison to the side of the vehicle while the caster angle is the tilt of the steering axis in relation to the presumed vertical line. The toe angle is the lateral tilt of the side of your wheel in relation to the center of your ride viewed from above your vehicle. These measurements may seem meticulous and are possibly only perceivable to a trained mechanic with an arsenal of specialized tools. Still, they will cause a lot of potential long-term driving issues. Read “What is a Wheel Bearing to gain even more insight and for help determining when a good wheel bearing goes bad.

The cost of a wheel bearing replacement depends on your vehicle year, make and model. The parts needed to replace your wheel bearings run from $150 to $800 while the labor is a separate cost ranging from $300 to $1,000.

What Is a TPMS Sensor & Why Would It Need Replaced?Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor

A TPMS sensor directly measures an individual tire’s pressure and is usually the first indicator of when air pressure drops from inside your tire. This warning serves as a safety measure to let the driver know there is potential for a flat tire and that the tire’s inflation needs adjusted. 

Technology can always malfunction; however, the most common cause of damage to TPMS system is battery life failure. When the battery dies inside the system, it’s simply time to replace it. The unit can also fail because of corrosion inside the valve stem, causing cracks and breakage inside the valve. Additionally, as a forewarning, the TPMS can become damaged because of an unprofessional tire removal. 

A TPMS sensor or sensor kit can run between $35 to $400, and the labor cost ranges from $100 to $250. For example, this midrange NAPA Echlin Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor comes with a 36-Month/36,000-Mile Warranty, sports a pre-programed system, which replaces your original equipment, and is specially designed to meet performance standards in compliance with all SAE2657 specifications. If you’re a professional technician, it makes sense to buy in bulk. NAPAonline sells the Autel MX Universal Sensor, 315MHz & 433MHz, which comes in a box of 240 to service your customers. 

What Are the Signs That Your Wheel Hub Needs Replaced?

You might be asking, “how do I know if I need a wheel lug replaced?” If you see signs of damage like rusting, then you’ll want to replace that wheel lug. Note, over-tightening lug nuts can damage the studs, and a damaged wheel stud will need to be promptly replaced. A wheel lug stud could cost you between $10 to $75 to more than $600 for parts and labor. 

Need an Auto Repair Estimate for Your Exact Car, Truck, Minivan or SUV?

A total wheel replacement could cost between $400 to $900, with most of the cost going toward the wheel replacement itself, not necessarily the labor involved. If you notice that your vehicle’s rim is split, chipped or broken, you certainly need a full wheel replacement. 

Take advantage of the NAPA Auto Care repair estimator, which uses your vehicle’s year, make and model information to let you see the cost of common automobile repairs and routine maintenance services before you schedule an auto repair appointment. And, of course, take your vehicle to a local NAPA Auto Care center near you for fast, courteous and professional service from one of our many ASE-certified technicians.

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