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DIY Mechanic Quiz: How Good Are You?

Air filter change. Wondering how good you are at working on your own car? Take this mechanic quiz to test your knowledge.

From time immemorial, mechanically inclined people have proven to be some of the strongest DIYers at heart. “I can do that myself!” you say, and most often you are right. A little research, knowledge, and ultimately experience can lead you to feats you stand proud to boast about. Where are you on this journey? Take this DIY mechanic quiz to find out.DIY Mechanic Quiz: How Good are You?

1. You notice a bright green puddle under your vehicle. Looks like you have ________.

a) normal condensation from running your A/C
b) an engine oil leak
c) a coolant leak

2. Which of the following tasks is not considered a part of routine annual maintenance?

a) timing belt change
b) oil filter change
c) tire rotation

3. You reach for a belt wrench from your toolbox. You’re most likely performing a ______.

a) belt change
b) filter change
c) spark plug change

4. A reasonable charge at the battery while the engine is running is:

a) 12V
b) 14V
c) 6V

5. A light feathering of the outside tread of the front tires indicates alignment issues related to:

a) toe
b) camber
c) caster

6. One purpose of a cabin air filter is to _____.

a) keep air from the cabin from entering the engine compartment
b) filter pollen and mold spores from entering the passenger compartment
c) make sure the air entering the engine is free of debris

7. To pull codes from the ECM, you must connect a scan tool to the:

a) OBD II port under the driver’s side dash
b) power outlet under the hood, beside the battery
c) data link, in-line with the muffler bearing

8. A high-pitched screeching noise when turning the steering wheel likely indicates:

a) low brake pads
b) a worn CV joint
c) air in the power steering fluid

9. Brake pads should be replaced when the width reaches

a) 1/8 inch
b) 1/2 inch
c) 1 inch

10. The proper coolant to use in a gas engine is:

a) orange
b) green
c) found in the owner’s manual

Answers: 1c 2a 3b 4b 5a 6b 7a 8c 9a 10c

1-5 Call a Professional. You’ve got the DIY spirit, but maybe read a few more NAPA Know How articles before taking the tasks on yourself.

6-8 Dirty-knuckled DIYer. You’ve clearly spent some time under the hood, but it’s never too late to learn a few more tricks and build confidence.

9-10 DIY Hero. You could’ve written this mechanic quiz yourself.

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Photos courtesy of Blair Lampe.

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Blair Lampe is a New York-based professional mechanic, blogger, theater technician, and speechwriter.  In her downtime she enjoys backpacking wherever her boots will carry her, rock climbing, experimental theatre, a crisp rosé , and showering love on her 2001 Sierra truck.

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