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How to Become an Automotive Technician

How to Become an Automotive Technician

What is an Automotive Technician?

An automotive technician is a multifaceted repair mechanic who works on cars, trucks, SUVs and fleet vehicles. This job has upward mobility in a hands-on business with growth opportunities into garage management and shop ownership. An auto tech is also known as a mechanic or service tech who can specialize in several industry verticals, such as specialty vehicles (European/Asian imports or classic cars), lifted off-road trucks, advanced diagnostics, advanced racing performance, emerging technology (specialty and electric vehicles), heavy-duty fleets and so much more.

NAPA Autotech offers a wide variety of convenient, cost-effective ways to become an automotive professional. In addition to eLearning and instructor-led training, NAPA Autotech has hands-on and seminar-style classes for almost every make and model to help technicians keep their skills up to date.

Path to Becoming an Auto TechnicianA group of automotive technicians working

Hands-on experience and expert training are paramount to starting your career off right as an automotive technician. Thanks to the NAPA Network, you can guarantee that the skills you acquire will benefit your career. Because NAPA is committed to focusing on the education and training of emerging automotive professionals, the NAPA Autotech training program was created to facilitate self-paced, hands-on technical mechanical learning.

The NAPA name stands for quality parts and services. It is also recognized for top-quality technicians due to shop management training programs that for many years have helped to build successful, independent auto repair businesses. Sign up today and begin working toward your promising career as an automotive technician, service advisor, shop owner or manager in a program protected by a money-back guarantee on all materials and sessions.

Getting taught by experienced master mechanics in NAPA’s auto technician program will ensure you have the knowledge and ability to repair and maintain the latest in automotive technology. How long it takes to become an automotive technician depends on the program you select and the end goal of your training. Examples of class offerings include ignition fuel maintenance, sensor testing and waveform analysis, engine performance and diagnostics and compressed gas: safety awareness. The registration process is a breeze, and classes are for beginners and advanced-level learners alike. Find in-person and online automotive technician programs near you today.

If you’re exploring various mechanic training options, NAPA partners with several cutting-edge programs that also offer industry-specific education tracks. RLO training is well known in the North American automotive service industry for coaching and guiding shops to run efficiently and profitably, while the Automotive Training Institute offers a program committed to helping you achieve your automotive goals and dreams. Check out NAPA’s educational alliances, such as Lincoln Tech, which focus on equipping tomorrow’s automotive industry professionals with advanced knowledge through structured classes.

Why to Choose a Career in the Automotive Industry

NAPA training and industry education gives you the roadmap to successful automotive business management and provides the tools you need to join the top 25% of most profitable repair shop owners and mechanics in the United States. Learning from the best helps you to become a high-earning automotive technician, which according to Zippia, can earn you nearly $100,000 a year as an independent mechanic and a whole lot more as a shop owner.

Positioning yourself as an automotive professional means monetarily maximizing your specialized skills in an economy that greatly needs more technical workers in the repair industry. Mechanics who have finished our NAPA Autotech training achieve sales $63,604 higher than the average shop and earn $95,795 more net profit annually, which is exceptional for an automotive technician’s salary. By utilizing NAPA’s auto repair shop courses, you can expect operating expenses 7.23% lower than other shops, spanning across several automotive industry markets around the country.

Automotive technician jobs include an emerging EV market. Even General Motors, an American multinational automotive manufacturing company, intends to sell only zero-emission vehicles by 2035, which is monumental for America’s largest automakers. The emphasis on EV production has skyrocketed the need for automotive techs even more. As the market booms, and as dedicated Boomers retire, a new generation of technicians is needed to fill the gap. This provides aspiring mechanics with an exciting opportunity to make a great earning while doing what they love.

How to Maximize Your New Career as an Automotive TechAn ASE certified automotive technician

NAPA’s Autotech training program provides automotive aftermarket technicians with career development opportunities through structured, disciplined, measurable, high-quality technical instruction. This instruction will enhance understanding of vehicle systems and increase first-time repair capability and customer satisfaction, while contributing to its customers’ longevity of vehicle ownership.

NAPA uses automotive service excellence (ASE) certified teachers to improve the quality of vehicle maintenance and repair throughout the NAPA Network. Our instructors are seasoned professionals who work in every part of the transportation industry, and their mentorship is a priceless steppingstone into a technical career.

Have more questions? Feel free to call (800) 292-6428 or email [email protected] for additional information about automotive technician certification or visit today to get started on the road with NAPA.

Want to experience what NAPA’s automotive technicians can do? Take your vehicle to a local NAPA Auto Care center near you and have your vehicle maintained, repaired or upgraded by the best in the industry.

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