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Storage Solutions Spotlight: The Milwaukee Packout Stackable Toolbox

Milwaukee Packout toolboxes on a work truck

Revolutionizing Tools & Storage Since 1924

As a trusted manufacturer of some of America’s finest tools and equipment, Milwaukee Tool is known as the gold standard for many jobsite, auto shop and garage essentials. Whether it’s industrial lighting, power tools or storage solutions, Milwaukee Tool delivers high-quality, reliable products that serve a variety of loyal customers. So, as an industry pioneer with nearly 100 years of experience, it only makes sense that Milwaukee Tool re-imagined, designed and engineered a top-notch tool storage system that transforms and simplifies the common annoyance of tool organization. That’s right, we’re talking about the Milwaukee PACKOUT Stackable Toolbox – every tool owner’s dream!

For traveling tradespeople or heavy tool users, proper organization is critical to success on the job. Messy and insufficient storage systems will inevitably slow you down and cause frustration, which can sometimes paint a picture of unprofessionalism. Even if you have various sized toolkits and containers, they probably don’t possess the same level of modularity and customization that this Milwaukee rolling toolbox offers.

As the most versatile and modular storage system on the market, Milwaukee Tool combined the highest level of functionality and style to create the best rolling, stackable toolbox out there. With the ability to incorporate a large variety of heavy-duty boxes, organizers and tote bags, the Milwaukee PACKOUT is guaranteed to work for you instead of against you.

Build Your Own

When it comes to your own Milwaukee PACKOUT System, the design is in your hands. Start with the PACKOUT Rolling Toolbox, a fortified base and stackable toolbox on wheels constructed with impact-resistant polymer. The Milwaukee toolbox will support additional PACKOUT add-ons and accessories thanks to its modular build and user-friendly attachment mechanism. With IP65 rated seals and 9-inch wheels made to tackle the uneven jobsite terrain, the PACKOUT Rolling Toolbox boasts a type of structural integrity that is lost among many other types of tool organizers. 

The certified protection against water damage and construction debris help defend against wear and tear, while the all-metal hardware and reinforced hinges ensure maximum durability for all environments. The wide, ergonomic handle makes transport easy and can handle up to 250 pounds of tool weight. The toolbox inserts are removeable and you can mount them onto nearby walls and other worksite surfaces using the incorporated screw slots. With the PACKOUT system, you’ll gain the ability to add on Milwaukee PACKOUT drawers, crates, racks, totes and so much more.

The Milwaukee-level of quality combined with modularity and customization is what sets the PACKOUT system apart from any other tool set-up on the market. The best part is that it continues to evolve and incorporate new additions like coolers, radios and vacuums. If you’re shopping for your next tool storage solution and you want something that’ll take jobsite productivity to the next level, consider investing in the Milwaukee PACKOUT Stackable Toolbox. Shop for toolboxes, compartments and other Milwaukee PACKOUT accessories and get one-day shipping!

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