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How to Avoid Engine Overheating

Road Trip Solutions: How to Avoid Engine Overheating

We have all passed by some sad sap on the side of the road, hood up, steam rolling out, driver just standing there with a hand on their head wondering how they got there. Usually, we just think to ourselves “phew, glad that isn’t me” as we glance at the gauges just to check and make sure they are all good. While breakdowns happen, there are things you can do…

Inner parts of a radiator

Keeping Your Vehicle Cool: Radiator Parts Explained

The largest component to your vehicle’s cooling system is the radiator, but did you know that the radiator is also connected to your transmission and in some cases your engine’s oiling system too? Inside your radiator are smaller radiators that help keep your transmission fluid and engine oil cool as well. The basic radiator consists of two tanks with a set of tubes…